Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A New War

I have never been a winner
Will always be a sinner
Will never be able to undo my crimes
Just another guy
To make people cry
Another life not worth a dime

The days aren't to blame
The nights aren't the same
Every night a new war is lost
The fight seems in vain
The heart fills with pain
Another soul this war has cost

The light has faded
The earth seems jaded
People have resigned to fate
But a sword shines bright
Approaches a knight
Filled with murderous hate

Only his righteous anger
Can rattle these rusty armours
Onwards he leads us on into the fight
'Coz though am no winner
Am no saint,just a sinner
This time will battle with all my might.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Death's Dark Knight

Every night when the world's asleep
Every night when spurned lovers weep
My hero stands revealed to the world
My hero shines bright as gold

Darkness makes him pure as a sage
Fills him up with strength and rage
Strength to move mountains with hands
Rage to create dark magic sans wands

My hero alone fights the good fight
Stands alone against evil's might
Battered and bruised in battle he fell
Death of a knight,a true rebel

He breathed his last in the middle of nowhere
Unknown to the ones who love and care
He has long escaped heroism's allure. friends.lies his true valour.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

What Happened To Us?

A star-spangled sky,a gentle breeze
That's all your imprisoned dreamer needs
To release him from his world of pains
Bound by reality's rusty chains

The childhood days seem another life
Simpler people and simpler times
Dreams were then the order of the day
Black and white ruled,nothing was grey.

This world is filled with lies and hate
Spite and jealousy rules our fate
Love is just the foreplay for lust
Somewhere we have forgotten trust.

But the dreamer still lives on in us.
Even as we carry this age's curse.
Cursed not to love the sky,the trees.
The star-spangled sky,the gentle breeze.