Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some Objections

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen.I usually don’t write posts on controversial topics but today the topic of my post is feminism and some of my objections to it.

Firstly I will take up the issue of equality-they claim they want equality and they are not getting them-HELLO!!!!Look around-Women now get all the facilities and advantages men get-In most countries in the west they have been getting them for a long time-and in our country also post-independence in most places things have been equal for a long long time.And in this age-what is there to complain about-women are rampant in all fields and are doing as well as their male counterparts.Some of the notable women in their fields-
Sonia Gandhi-President of the Indian National Congress.
Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw –Chairman and Managing Director of Biocon Ltd
Kiran Bedi-retired IPS officer
Barkha Dutt-Group Editor,English News,New Delhi Television.
The above 4 are just a few examples of the many of women who had made it to the top.They made it to the top in fields which are thought to be male-dominated.What does this prove?Those who have talent make it.There are some who,if they don’t make it will start blaming it on gender bias instead of recognizing their own lack of talent.I know some of you will say-those are just one or two examples-they are exceptions not rules.In response I can show you a list of a number of female high-profile politicians and journalists in the country.By the way,only two persons qualified from West Bengal last year for the Indian Administrative Service.And guess what?Both were women.Got my point?Some more information-the pass percentage of girls in Secondary and Higher Secondary exams have been better than boys for quite some time now.It’s not an exception any more-it’s become the rule.In India and most civilized countries in the world-women aren’t subjected to any sexual bias-may be it exists within the mind of some men-but now there are hardly any outward displays of it.

Another example-A friend of mine recently went to do his training at a reputed institute of this country.His mentor kept dilly-dallying for days and the work wasn’t starting.But when a girl arrived on the scene the job got done within a day.Now isn’t that inequality?Feminists might say to that how is the girl responsible-They are right-she isn’t.But if the opposite thing happened they would be the first to start shouting about inequality.

Which brings me to my next point-the female infanticides,the honour killings,the forced marriages-these are things which should be really concerning.But we don’t see feminists bother much about these issues.If they were really bothered about women rights-why haven’t they been doing something about these heinous crimes except condemning them in the strongest words?These killings are still rampant in some parts of India but the feminists haven’t been taking any drastic actions to stop them-And I will give you the reason why-because they don’t bring as much limelight as a Jesicca Lal murder case.These women and girls whose names even they don’t know deserve justice as much as Jesicca does.But they won’t ever make the front page of the newspaper.They will be buried in a coloumn in one of the centre pages.Where they will be read about,righteous indignation will be expressed and forgotten in a day or two.That’s the reality.If feminists really want to do something they should do something for the betterment of the lives of these women.

Another thing I have seen about feminists is that they keep harping on the same issue-About how they were oppressed and tortured for so many years.Yeah they are right-it’s shameful.But it has ended now!!!Things have been different now for quite some time!!!MOVE.THE.HELL.ON.Why should we suffer for what people did long time ago?Why do men of this generation get accused for what we didn’t do?
Now let’s come to the modern day women with a feminist attitude-If a guy sees his girl flirting with some other guy and asks her to cut it out,in maximum occasions her reply is –“Oh you are so possessive and jealous-typical male chauvinistic attitude.”Although she would have acted the same way if the guy flirted with another girl.This is a typical example of the current day feminist who also uses the word “space” a lot.And “moving on”.

In conclusion this is what I would like to say-In this modern day society there isn’t much difference between men and women.They are equal and most men see women as their equal and are NOT insecure or jealous in any way.In fact,I find nowadays men feel proud if their partners or spouses have risen greatly in life.This is the I.T age and not the middle ages.If feminists really want to do something they should find out a permanent solution for the betterment of the lives of the women in those parts of the country where prejudice and bigotry still exist.And until it does that it will be just a philosophy of big words and outdated ideas.You want equality-feminism promotes inequality.Feminism keeps pointing out the fact that they are men and you are women.I read somewhere a person opined feminism looks to avenge the oppression of women by oppressing men.Now that is just not right.There are evil men-but there are good men.It must be made sure that in their over-zealous quest for justice-A good man doesn’t become the victim.That’s all I have to say on this.

P.S-If some of my lady friends see this I might get killed or lynched.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Burned Out

My faith is like a CD that has too many scratches
My fate is Jonty Rhodes-it has too many catches
My words have lost their edge-the fire is gone
Eyes have lost their sparkle-my voice is a drone
My hands feel so numb-I cannot feel a thing
Only my heart can still feel-a burn and a sting
Life doesn’t have a purpose-we make up stuff
I won’t play your game and I won’t call your bluff
The worst of your venomous words fail these days
The time has come for us to go our separate ways
We played this game for way too long-now I’m bored
My fingers ache and a layer of rust covers my sword
I feel so sedated-my eyes are heavy with sleep
You are just a memory now-No more do I weep.

Friday, June 25, 2010

What Women Want

As I begin to write this it occurs to me I might be making a mistake.I mean what do I know about women?I don’t think women themselves know clearly enough what they want.So how can a guy of the opposite gender who has very little experience with women??That was a joke.The first part-about women not knowing what they want.The second part is absolutely true.So you might be forgiven if you consider it somewhat of an audacity for me to even try to write something on this topic.I won’t forgive you-someone else might.

Ok,enough BS-ing around.Let’s get down to the brass tacks.What do women want??A million-dollar question that is nearly as unanswerable as the which-came-first-chicken-or-egg question.

There are many people who think women want true love,someone to understand them,to achieve their dreams,etc etc,blah blah,yap yap yap.Yeah sure may be they want all those.But do you see what lies behind ALL of those??The choice to make her own decision.

And that,my friends,is what I think women really want-having the option to decide for themselves what they really want.And to be able to take that decision without being judged by others.For example-and this is just an example-if a girl leaves a guy for another guy-she is subjected to all sorts of vile adjectives-she is JUDGED by everyone.She becomes the villain(or vamp).BUT WHY?If she doesn’t love the first guy anymore and is in love with the second guy-why can’t she do what she wants without being judged?

Another example-I feel in many countries,not just ours-spinsters are looked upon with far more suspicision and contempt than bachelors.Parents are always so eager to marry off their girls.Remember Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice?And if a girl doesn’t comply with the will of the parents or the society she is subjected to emotional blackmail from her family,while being judged by the rest of the society.Here again we see-even though it’s a free and liberal society we stay in-women really do not get to choose and decide what they want.Of course I am not talking about every one.I am talking about society in general.

In a country like ours where female infanticides and honour killings are dime a dozen,sometimes the only choice women can make is to stay alive by falling in line.Maybe that’s one of the biggest reasons we are a third world country.I think it was Swami Vivekananda who said that a country cannot rise to greatness if it doesn’t respect it’s womenfolk.That’s what is needed here.If a woman is trying to make a decision they should have a choice.We need to stop judging others.

So to conclude-What others say-true love,someone who will respect them,etc,etc may vary from person to person.But this is what I really think women want.To be able to make a choice.To be able to take their own decisions.


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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Love Found

Have you ever had this feeling –you have so much to say
But words keep betraying you and you keep looking away
When your lips just wouldn’t move and convey what it feels
But then you’ve always lacked the basic communication skills
When it came to playing hardball-you were game for a fight
But your punchlines and jokes have all but dried up tonight.
You’ve given tall and clever speeches before men wise and old
And all it took to shut you up was a date with a pretty girl
You love the smallest things about her-and yet you can’t express
All you can do tonight it seems is smile and stare at her face
If only you were a sorcerer and could make this night last
But soon it will be midnight-Cinderella’s time fades fast
And as you look into her eyes it hits you from the blue-
It doesn’t matter if she knows or not so long your love is true.
You just want her to smile this smile and be this happy forever
And realizing that my friend-that was something really clever.

P.S-This is my first attempt at a love poem.Don't criticize it too harshly even if it sucks.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Right Here Write Now

I have been entrusted to write a play for the kids to enact during a function in our neighbourhood. Now don’t ask me why they chose me of all people-I guess I am the only one who would do it for free. And the guy whose play they could criticize if the audience doesn’t laugh. 8 hours from the morning and I can’t think of anything funny to write about. I don’t know if this happens with all comedy writers. I have no idea because I have never attempted to write one. I usually write dark stuff-you know-the ones which you read after your girlfriend has dumped you-or you have failed a maths test. Yeah man-I write some heavy shit-good or bad-either way it’s guaranteed to make you feel suicidal. So what do I know about writing a comedy?
Well honestly these committee people don’t care-Ha ha. COMMITTEE-remember we were told in our English classes-that is the only word with double m,double t and double e.HA HA. Funny.
Ok coming back to what I was saying-they want a comedy written and they want it now-they could have just adopted some old comedy story performed a gazillion times but no!!! They have to put this on me to humiliate me.
This is what I was thinking when my mobile started vibrating loudly. I hate the ringtone of my cell phone-But this is an old model where only one ringtone is available.I tried keeping it on vibrate mode but as I am a thick-skinned person so couldn’t feel the vibrations most of the time-made me miss my mother’s phone calls many times-She figured I was doing drugs or alcohol in the least.
So anyway this wasn’t my mother who was calling-and NO!!!unlike One Night @ Call Centre it wasn’t God either. Now here’s something I don’t understand.Why would the caller ID there show God calling???I mean if even God obtained that guy’s number(pretty tough job considering the huge database he had to sift through to obtain one loser guy’s number) then shouldn’t it just display God’s number. Anyway I have always maintained God won’t waste his balance on a loser even if he does want to talk to him.At best he would give a missed call.Or sms him if he had free sms balance.
So as I was saying-it was my best friend calling.Well technically I don’t have a best friend because I am the dark brooding kinda guy-at least I think of myself like that.I’M BATMAN!!Ok well my friend was calling to see if I would be able to accompany him and a bunch of other guys to a Hindi movie that evening.Yeah right-I don’t have anything else to do,do I?It’s not as if little kiddies are looking up to me to write them a comedy so that they can enact it.
And I just sat there staring at the Microsoft Word document-with Eminem songs playing in the background.And for the uninitiated Eminem songs aren’t exactly the best inspiration for a comedy-Let me illustrate-most Eminem love songs end with him raping or killing the girl-I mean FOR FUCK’S SAKE!!!I like dark and brooding but that ain’t cool-that’s disgusting.
A little later the World Cup is about to begin-funny thing about the World Cup-It turns harmless meek Bengalis into Brazilian tigers,Argentinian animals and German lions for a month.Funny as hell to see them shouting-“AMADER BRAAAZIL JITECHHE(Our Brazil has won).
Another thing about the World Cup is that only famous countries get to play their-look at some of the teams there-Japan-famous for earthquakes and animes...Brazil-famous for Orkut hackers....England-famous for bad food and weather...South Africa-famous for racial tension and Vuvuzelas...crap India ain’t famous for anything..We can never play the World Cup.

Anyway it’s time for the World Cup.I am giving this up as a bad job.Will have to inform the C-O-M-M-I-T-T-E-E people.HA ha.Ok that’s it for now.I’ll see ya around.bye bye.

P.S.-I know the question on your mind right now-What the f***???

Saturday, June 19, 2010

An Explanation

All this cursing and dissing finally made me tired
It’s like my heart’s burning-it’s always on fire
A fire that just won’t let me stop and admire
Dissing from pop music down to teenage vampires
This stuff I write is starting to stench of frustration
It’s as if this blog is one big advert for depression
But please allow me to make use of this occasion
Please have a seat and hear me out-my explanation.
I am the same guy who once made you laugh
But for some time now I’ve been acting tough
I was trying to be someone else all this time
We all make mistakes-well this one’s mine.
But now that it’s out there-let’s move on
From now I shall respect others’ opinions.
Dissing someone just like that just ain’t cool.
People who love that are exceptions not rules.

I am fucking around you fools-are you for real??
Fuck what others think-I am gonna write what I feel
You must be nuts if for a sec you believed that crap
Hell man..I just needed a buncha lines for my rap

Ha Batman would say...Gotcha!!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Regrets and Misconceptions

I once knew a pretty young girl
She loved me more than life
But when I started loving her back
She was someone else’s wife.

I once had a nightmare
A nightmare I always feared
But when that nightmare came true
All my fears disappeared.

I once used to laugh
And scorned those who cried
But nowadays only crying
It seems can get me high

I once had a vision
A passion as strong as fire
But when the vision was realized
I wasn’t there to admire.

I once used to think
I am right and they are wrong
And when I came to my senses
They were long gone.