Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some Objections

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen.I usually don’t write posts on controversial topics but today the topic of my post is feminism and some of my objections to it.

Firstly I will take up the issue of equality-they claim they want equality and they are not getting them-HELLO!!!!Look around-Women now get all the facilities and advantages men get-In most countries in the west they have been getting them for a long time-and in our country also post-independence in most places things have been equal for a long long time.And in this age-what is there to complain about-women are rampant in all fields and are doing as well as their male counterparts.Some of the notable women in their fields-
Sonia Gandhi-President of the Indian National Congress.
Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw –Chairman and Managing Director of Biocon Ltd
Kiran Bedi-retired IPS officer
Barkha Dutt-Group Editor,English News,New Delhi Television.
The above 4 are just a few examples of the many of women who had made it to the top.They made it to the top in fields which are thought to be male-dominated.What does this prove?Those who have talent make it.There are some who,if they don’t make it will start blaming it on gender bias instead of recognizing their own lack of talent.I know some of you will say-those are just one or two examples-they are exceptions not rules.In response I can show you a list of a number of female high-profile politicians and journalists in the country.By the way,only two persons qualified from West Bengal last year for the Indian Administrative Service.And guess what?Both were women.Got my point?Some more information-the pass percentage of girls in Secondary and Higher Secondary exams have been better than boys for quite some time now.It’s not an exception any more-it’s become the rule.In India and most civilized countries in the world-women aren’t subjected to any sexual bias-may be it exists within the mind of some men-but now there are hardly any outward displays of it.

Another example-A friend of mine recently went to do his training at a reputed institute of this country.His mentor kept dilly-dallying for days and the work wasn’t starting.But when a girl arrived on the scene the job got done within a day.Now isn’t that inequality?Feminists might say to that how is the girl responsible-They are right-she isn’t.But if the opposite thing happened they would be the first to start shouting about inequality.

Which brings me to my next point-the female infanticides,the honour killings,the forced marriages-these are things which should be really concerning.But we don’t see feminists bother much about these issues.If they were really bothered about women rights-why haven’t they been doing something about these heinous crimes except condemning them in the strongest words?These killings are still rampant in some parts of India but the feminists haven’t been taking any drastic actions to stop them-And I will give you the reason why-because they don’t bring as much limelight as a Jesicca Lal murder case.These women and girls whose names even they don’t know deserve justice as much as Jesicca does.But they won’t ever make the front page of the newspaper.They will be buried in a coloumn in one of the centre pages.Where they will be read about,righteous indignation will be expressed and forgotten in a day or two.That’s the reality.If feminists really want to do something they should do something for the betterment of the lives of these women.

Another thing I have seen about feminists is that they keep harping on the same issue-About how they were oppressed and tortured for so many years.Yeah they are right-it’s shameful.But it has ended now!!!Things have been different now for quite some time!!!MOVE.THE.HELL.ON.Why should we suffer for what people did long time ago?Why do men of this generation get accused for what we didn’t do?
Now let’s come to the modern day women with a feminist attitude-If a guy sees his girl flirting with some other guy and asks her to cut it out,in maximum occasions her reply is –“Oh you are so possessive and jealous-typical male chauvinistic attitude.”Although she would have acted the same way if the guy flirted with another girl.This is a typical example of the current day feminist who also uses the word “space” a lot.And “moving on”.

In conclusion this is what I would like to say-In this modern day society there isn’t much difference between men and women.They are equal and most men see women as their equal and are NOT insecure or jealous in any way.In fact,I find nowadays men feel proud if their partners or spouses have risen greatly in life.This is the I.T age and not the middle ages.If feminists really want to do something they should find out a permanent solution for the betterment of the lives of the women in those parts of the country where prejudice and bigotry still exist.And until it does that it will be just a philosophy of big words and outdated ideas.You want equality-feminism promotes inequality.Feminism keeps pointing out the fact that they are men and you are women.I read somewhere a person opined feminism looks to avenge the oppression of women by oppressing men.Now that is just not right.There are evil men-but there are good men.It must be made sure that in their over-zealous quest for justice-A good man doesn’t become the victim.That’s all I have to say on this.

P.S-If some of my lady friends see this I might get killed or lynched.


Samadrita said...

A good post.We're living in the age of wi fi and iPhone 4gs.Women have indeed created a place for themselves in today's world.
In fact a few hours back I saw a man being beaten up by a gang of furious women.Well he deserved it though since he was a corrupt mufti.

When you talk about inequality have you thought about the fact that we HAVE been living in the period of inequality since the dawn of time?
Maybe it's time to turn the tables.And maybe it's the turn of the men to suffer the same fate.

P.S: Okay I'm not serious.But just another point of view...

shambo said...

Quite a controversial topic-so instead of indulging in another issue(and consequently raising it) as whether the post is "right or wrong",i would take a safe path and say it was a great read... :D And as far as inequality is concerned,i feel there's greater inequality between the different classes of the society than between a man and a woman(just an opinion,not intended to start a war.. :D).

mrinal dutta said...

actually feminism was created by men to make the women feel more empowered and to serve their own "needs" :D...
the fact why women are still far behind men in all fields is that they lack creativity and passion(most of them really do) mind you i am not saying all women but yeah most of anish has given a few examples at the beginning of the post of women being succesful..if someone starts enumerating the guys who are equally successful he may run out of space!! so women are improving but i dont think they are anywhere near men!! this is a fact!! and men are not to blame for this ..

Ananya said...

One helluva post :D but you're right you know... issues such as female infanticide, rape, sexual harassment and honor killing should be the main reasons to worry about.
Thing is, we ARE physically weaker, and though we are catching up pretty fast, the scenario in rural India is a lot're absolutely right about that. Kudos.

Ankit said...
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Ankit said...

hmmm..hard hitting.
The point is when a feminist croons about all the problems they face due to this "inequality" its perfectly normal, but when we raise questions about girl favoritism, we get labeled as 'pigs'. The rapes, molestations everything occurs due to the sicko attitude of some men, i agree..but what about the girls who move up the ladder using this attitude as their nukes?? If you want 'equality' please raise questions against that too.
Another thing they claim is the "way a woman dresses can never be blamed for sexual harassments and molestations". The sicko attitude of some men is majorly responsible for all this, doesnt the attire play a teensy li'l part? A girl who wears spaghetti tops has more chance of getting whistled at than others in a salwar. I am not saying if everybody starts wearing borkhas, the number of rapes would reduce to zero. But I am sure if you wear a spaghetti top in a place where there is proper security no one will dare to whistle. I think feminists should focus on that...they should accept that women are physically weaker, and there should be ample security no one takes advantage of that, instead of wasting their energies on criticizing men.

Soumya said...

truly itz quite a controversial topic...and may be for the first time in such a controversial topic, i have nothing to say to instigate u to start arguing with me! :P Because, while going thro ur writing, the moment i was thinking that u were being too judgmental, u covered it up well in the next paragraph!!
to sum it up, nice piece of writing (or essay or whatever!!) and i wish i cud have read this one before class 8, coz i got very bad marks in class8 writing an essay on feminism, with terribly poor points and showing off male chauvinism.. :P which u thankfully u didn't do!!

Anonymous said...

@all-I see all of your point of views..hope you get to see mine....once again-this is my personal opinion-thanks so much for the comments... :)

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

This distinction is more insulting for us as it makes us feel that we are inferior to men....
Im not saying who is right or who is wrong but men and women, both are equally responsible for the rising level of criminal cases..

NesQuarX said...

Right... equality. Prior apologies for crudeness - but isn't it like asking the men to suck in their tools and women to deflate their busts?

I agree with Anish... Unfair treatment is a true problem, equality is not the solution.