Wednesday, October 21, 2009

These days and I-Part II

All characters in the following post are purely fictional.Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

Everywhere I look,the times are bad
Killing policemen is the new fad
In the neighbouring states,it was the new style-
Now in our backyard they open their file
And they say they fight for the greater good
Think themselves the modern robin hoods.
Well hurrah for robin you must be so proud
Stop killing innocents for crying out loud
And then there are so many other things on my mind
A moment of peace is so hard to find
Some dickheads at college are always on my back
They are always so ready to launch an attack
No matter how I try to ignore these punks
They are always all over me,acting like drunks
They tastelessly attack my school and my ways
This Is their idea of how best to spend days
I am tired of everyone trying to play judge
It’s as if all of these people hold a grudge
Against me,wonder how I became so hated
Maybe that’s destiny,maybe it was fated
I know I am not perfect,I doubt anyone is
But that’s no reason for you to say as you please
Great Expectations or Harsh times who can say?
So y’all can go to hell and have a nice day.

Monday, October 19, 2009


They brought him home-
He looked like he was born in Rome;
His mother’s eyes filled with pride,
And tears too-a rare sight,
As she held her new-born boy.
His father beamed at his bundle of joy-
His voice felt choked,he said nothing
But his heart-oh,it wanted to sing
It was the happiest day of his life
He thanked God,and smiled at his wife
Their dreams had all come true at last
The tears were now a thing of the past

He came home
He now looked like the Prince of Rome
His ma’s features shone,as she saw her first-born
Her eyes showed her pride for the prodigal son.
His father smiled at how their son
Looked so handsome in his uniform.
His friends were stunned,one and all-
To see no tears at his funeral.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

These days and I

You wanna grow up sometime
You have to let it go
Leave the world of Dylan behind
Wild west,time does flow
Live in your times
Sing your songs
Don’t bother if it rhymes
Don’t bother if it’s wrong
Just try to put up a show

You wanna win someone over
You have to give something dear
Have to fight and bleed and fall
And have to lose your fear
Show some guts
Ask her out
No ifs and buts
Damn all doubts
Just try not to be a queer

Hey people.wanna hear a story?
It’s about alice and the hatter
He served her tea and cut her head
And then he put it on a platter
That’s how it happened
And not as they say
Everything’s not fine
Hide and pray
And hope you don’t meet Dr.Hannibal Lecter.

Gone are the days of jack and jill
Now is the time for a Righteous Kill
Can’t think straight would mean you are gay
Holla man you just made my day
Look into my eyes
What do you see?
Hate or love?
Or sympathy?
Nope it’s just indifference all the way.

Friday, October 09, 2009

The Healer

She came to me in my dreams,
Like an angel,she had wings.
She smiled at me and waved her wand
And took me to a magic-land.

She knew my name,she knew my heart
She knew how it had been torn apart
She knew the wounds that scarred my mind.
She knew the past,I have left behind

She held my hand and spread her wings
She took me high where fairies sing
The songs that kings felt lucky to hear
Wiped my mind of sadness and fear.

Then all of a sudden she left my hand
Cindrella’s time was up for the night
I returned back to Reality Land
Ready once more to enter the fight.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

Settle down everybody
You’re in for an angry ride.

Oh all of yeh can condemn me;
But I’ll keep calling what I see.
I am the big bad referee
Loathed by all,especially Harry
Harry??Harry who??who else,Harry potter!!!
That’s the shit you read,you nutters;
Harry keeps thinking I am Snape
Why Harry??see me wearing a big,ugly cape??
But if grandpa Aamir can play Hari
Why can’t Storm be Halle berry?
I’m hated everywhere for running my mouth
I don’t just talk fellas!!damn,I SHOUT!!!
So I raped poetry,just let me be;
I am just a wannabe,not P.B.Shelley;
But just take a second to listen to my chants;
You will see there’s a little meaning in my rants.
See,I am not asking you to join my clan-
But the president there thinks he is Superman
He talks about how he was born in Krypton
And now he thinks he is the next Abe Lincoln
But Superman never called anyone “jackass”
Even though the guy in q is completely crass.
Meanwhile,all over people are brave with a gun
Take ‘em away and it’s-“run Forrest run”
That’s the shit we’ve been reduced to
You’re probably thinking-‘so,what’s new?/
What’s new is Jesus ol’ man's coming back
2012 is the time of attack,
Or so danny boy would have us believe.
Wonder what by that time,we all could achieve;
Ahh,what the hell if the world’s gonna pop
Maybe all the fighting and bloodshed will stop.
So hey all ye morons,just take second to think
All that ye have now,may vapourize in a blink.
Maybe yeh should take it easy,you know-get high.
Figure it out-meanwhile-this is Anish saying bye.

Friday, October 02, 2009

No Tags Please

Well,how do i begin?I have been thinking for sometime to broach a delicate issue,but just couldn't seem to find the right way to do it.So after thinking for a long time-(10 minutes is pretty long for me) I decided to take it head on.After all,what the heck,you people are my friends,so why be courteous and polite?

The thing is-about tagging.You see I don't like tags.Tag posts are extremely stupid and girly.It makes me feel like filling out a slambook.And boy,did i hate slambooks!!!I still do!!So basically my point is that tag posts are extremely corny and juvenile-like slambooks.It's just a personal opinion but there it is!!Did I say I dislike tag posts??I take it back...I LOATHE TAG POSTS!!They are generally extremely long,and they don't provide much entertainment to the reader as well.And I am not saying this just off-hand.Quite a few people told me that they positively dislike tag posts.

Another thing about tag posts is that they can ruin the mood of your blog-Take for example,my friend Atindriyo's blog "Barbaric,Mystical and Bored"-this blog is full of awesome poems(people do check out his blog-you will find the link in my blog's i follow list).So all of a sudden you throw in a stupid tag post-and the platform of romanticism and surrealistic nature of the blog completely crashes down.

However these are just my opinion.No offense to all those friends who tagged me.You guys are awesome...and you totally rock!!!But,do me a favour,no one please tag me in your posts from now on...I get sick of doing those long posts in which i find no interest in at all.And that's saying something coz if i don't get interest in something,chances are that nobody will.That's about it.Au Revoir.

P.S-Since the people who tagged me read the previous tag posts-I am deleting them coz I was nearly assaulted a little while back by two of my friends who read that post... :P