Wednesday, October 21, 2009

These days and I-Part II

All characters in the following post are purely fictional.Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

Everywhere I look,the times are bad
Killing policemen is the new fad
In the neighbouring states,it was the new style-
Now in our backyard they open their file
And they say they fight for the greater good
Think themselves the modern robin hoods.
Well hurrah for robin you must be so proud
Stop killing innocents for crying out loud
And then there are so many other things on my mind
A moment of peace is so hard to find
Some dickheads at college are always on my back
They are always so ready to launch an attack
No matter how I try to ignore these punks
They are always all over me,acting like drunks
They tastelessly attack my school and my ways
This Is their idea of how best to spend days
I am tired of everyone trying to play judge
It’s as if all of these people hold a grudge
Against me,wonder how I became so hated
Maybe that’s destiny,maybe it was fated
I know I am not perfect,I doubt anyone is
But that’s no reason for you to say as you please
Great Expectations or Harsh times who can say?
So y’all can go to hell and have a nice day.


adidas said...

very well written indeed.keep it up

Soumya said...

gud gud...!!...your first post with a slight political hint!! :)

eddie said...

good one.... should i take the name??? oh...leave it.... kip it up...

Samadrita said...

Some punks in your college make snide comments about our school??????
How dare they!Well screw them anyway they're just jealous!
You're unique and fabulous in your own way.That's what I feel about myself! :)

Anyway I'm totally getting addicted to 'these'.Write more :)

atindriyo said...

Everywhere I hear the sounds of marchin' and chargin' feet, boy!
For summer's here and the time has come, to fight in the streets, boy!

Guria said...

Award for you! Go check! :)

NesQuarX said...

Hey, that's impressive!