Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nightwing R.I.P

I am tired of all the games
The hurt caused by old flames

I am tired of all the pain
Felt when your best goes in vain

I am tired of all the noise
Can't hear my own voice

I am tired of all the masks
And the questions they ask

I am tired of all the reprimands
And fulfilling all demands

I am tired of expectations
Also statements and declarations

I am tired of being left out
My heart being filled with doubt

I am tired of being alone
Always living in my own zone

I am tired of all the tears
Matured beyond my years.

I am tired of making these rhyme
And just wasting my time.

So adieu my friends
this is where it all ends.

Nightwing's time has come
Fare thee well me chums.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tears and Smiles

Tears and smiles all around
Parading the authenticity of emotions

Tears and smiles buried deep
Under the weight of pre-conceived notions

Silence and eyes full of pain

Leave a wound burnt more deep
Deeper than a thousand hateful words
Shouted by a voice choked with rage

Life isn't as good as you hear

From celebrities and evangelists
But life ain't that bad either see
As made out by Metallica wannabes

Sorry may be the hardest word

But harder it is to forgive past faults
Moving on isn't as easy as it seems
Once you possess some shattered dreams

A new day is another shot

Another chance to start anew
Try not to throw it away this once
Like you have done all your life.

Don't worry dudes and dude are gonna be fine....

Monday, March 08, 2010

Times and Life

Nowadays all around we hear this-This country sucks..It's going to the dogs.You don't have to look far.Look around you and you will find a lot of people complaining about how this country is morally corrupt,culturally vacant,financially bankrupt.In short an absolute hell-hole of a place for people to live.Don't worry!!I am not like those BJP dudes or the fellas who work for Shivsena.I am not here to defend them.Because mostly people are right.

But yes-I want to make a stand.I think this country has a lot of problems too.And those who know me will tell you that I have no great allegience towards my country.But I guess that's just it-You can't live in a country like India without falling in love with it.

I will bring forth the main complaints against our country and make my stand:

1.Corrupt Politicians-People are always going on about how the politicians are destroying the country.All of them are corrupt.they aren't concerned with our needs-They just care for their power.Yes it's true to some extent.There are many politicians in the country,who,judging from the reports abuse their power-But I refuse to accept the fact that all politicians are like that.There are many who care for the people-This is not a poor regional movie where the government is run by corrupt baddies.This is the real world occupied by real people.If they are unable to provide us with better than this then that's because this is the best they can do.You can change governments after 5 years but you have to remember that governments are run by politicians not magicians.Their hands are also bound by finances,limited infrastructure and many other factors.Spare a thought for them.

2.All sports other than cricket being neglected-For the people who think like that,this is what I have to say-Only in cricket has India achieved so many accomplishments.Cricket was also like all other games at one time.But due to some able administrators and great cricketets have this game been able to achieve this status.There was a time when hockey and football were equally revered in India.First let the football team qualify for the World Cup.And let the hockey team NOT get thrashed in every game at phir dil denge hockey-ko.

3.Trashing the system-Nowadays courtsey You-know-who trashing the system has become fashionable.Our education system sucks,our law enforcement system sucks,our political systems suck.If you fail at what you do blame the system!!!To those people who think the system is flawed I have this to say-Many many people,better and much more talented than us have risen through the same system and succeeded in life.For not one or two years,for many years now.Yeah sure the system is flawed.But you get a perfect system only in Utopia.In every country the system has some flaws.That's the way life is.Nothing is perfect.We have to adjust and make do with whatever we have.

4.Twitter-Celeb Bashing-Well this is for the self-professed intellectuals.I read a blog post couple of days back where some dude has trashed celebrities and what they do on twitter.He proved point by point how every celeb is a dumb-ass and he is a perfectly rational sensible intelligent person.AB jr was bashed because he loves to praise his father and is obsessed with music.Roshan Jr was bashed because he is a workaholic.Of course praising your father,being obsessed with music and being a workaholic are dumb things that no rational sensible perfectly intelligent person will ever do.Shah Rukh and KJo were bashed just like that.And Priyanka Chopra was bashed because she mistyped 'moan' instead of mourn.HELLO...YOU EVER HEARD OF A TYPO?To all those people I want to say if you don't like them-don't read 'em.Simple as that.Don't be so hypocritic as to secretly follow them and then insult them pretending to be an intellectual.No one is perfect.Not them not you,so give it a rest!

5.Teleserial bashing-Ok..most of you people are well educated-have been exposed to western culture and in general your tastes don't match with these teleserials filled with melodrama,conspiracies,etc.But pause for a second and think-That not many in the country has gotten that chance.They feel happy watching something they can relate to.Something to look forward to after long hard days of work.The Saas-Bahu dramas and shows may look and feel extremely cheap to you but many others enjoy them.So stop bashing them.Don't like them then don't watch them.

Some time back I watched a movie called Zombieland.There was a dialogue there-'Enjoy the little things in life'.This line stuck in my mind.Life is too small for nitpicking and being uptight.You have to let your hair down,relax a little.No one's gonna think any less of you if you enjoy those things which your "standard" and "status" doesn't allow you to.This life is too short to be wasted on judging everything and passing an opinion.There,what started off as an article to defend some accusations against my country had turned into a life advice article.But what the hell,chuck it!!!Like I said,who cares?It's not the end of the world is it??