Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nightwing R.I.P

I am tired of all the games
The hurt caused by old flames

I am tired of all the pain
Felt when your best goes in vain

I am tired of all the noise
Can't hear my own voice

I am tired of all the masks
And the questions they ask

I am tired of all the reprimands
And fulfilling all demands

I am tired of expectations
Also statements and declarations

I am tired of being left out
My heart being filled with doubt

I am tired of being alone
Always living in my own zone

I am tired of all the tears
Matured beyond my years.

I am tired of making these rhyme
And just wasting my time.

So adieu my friends
this is where it all ends.

Nightwing's time has come
Fare thee well me chums.


eddie said...

as a goodbye note, i think its not a good write-up.. but i know the return of the nightwing-dreams is not too far away.... come back buddy...

atindriyo said...

psychedelia at it's very best! trippy stuff, real trippy....with bright lights and all :)

Ankit said...

wot u gonna stpo blogging again?

Samadrita said...

Hah I don't believe you.I wouldn't stop bothering you until you return to blogging again.
If you are sad for some reason....then forget it na?C'mon we all are sad folks here ):

Samadrita said...

Bah the new layout is mean it has an attitude of its own with the intense electric blue contrasting the black.I like it.
Ami je awardgulo diyechhi ekhane put up korbi na? :(

Anonymous said... aren't going to see Nightwing anymore...

@samadrita-ekta korechhi...baaki gulo korbo.... :)

Soumya said...
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Soumya said...

Itz an old trick...anish...
u did the same thing in past...saying I won't write again...goodbye..n all...and then al of a sudden u bounced back to ur writing spree, surprising everybody!

I am tired of ur drama..!! :P

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

hey this is not done.......we all will miss reading your write too well.......why will you stop writing???none of my business..but still dont stop blogging........this is a request from this blogger buddy of yours

Anonymous said...

@QOI-I didnt say I will stop writing...I said u wont be seeing Nightwing anymore... :)