Sunday, February 28, 2010


People are present all around us
Some we hate,some we love

Some are crazy,some are gay
Some people just won't go away

Some people make you laugh all night
Some are always in the mood for a fight

Some bring you joy when you are down
Some just love to act the clown

Some of 'em are awful poets like me
Some bore others with idiosyncrasies

Some just love to hate every damn thing
Often the only thing they love is wrestling

Some only have a ton of virtual friends
facebook,myspace and tweeting new trends

Some people's smiles don't reach their eyes
Some are pretty stupid but think they are wise

Some are just bitter and cynical of life
Mostly coz there's no one to give 'em high five

Some people are alone-really lonely
the predominant word in their life is only

Some just dont know when to say what
Wrong thing at the wrong time,ouch!!spare a thought!!!

Some are extremists-a little more than others
But they shouldn't be cast away-they are our brothers.

Some are hopeless romantics-always in pain
Mostly they are doped and slashing their veins

Some are very sensitive-easily offended
Some think they are smart,but really are brain-dead.

Some are quite juvenile but claim they are mature
Some are called geeks and freaks of nature

But no matter how they are we rememember them all
We need to cherish them,stop being judgemental.

The last couple of lines felt like torture
Hope it didn't leave any permanent scar.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

People We Know

The Universal I
Speaking for us
About People like me
And People we know

People think I am
A materialistic capitalist
An unrealistic communist
A parody of a maverick
A forgotten limerick
A sorry punchline
A succulent grapevine
A hard-luck tragedy
Without a remedy
A self-indulgent intellectual
A rebel ineffectual

I take this chance
To state where I stand
To clear the air
and say what's fair
Because ever since birth
Have often gone unheard

I am not alone
I am all of us
People like me
People we know
And they are me

We are the challengers
To this society of pretenders
Our caustic comments
Cause a lot of torment
We hit out
and get beat down
We say what we know
We cant stand the fact
That people let it go

We are not new age heroes
We just want to make a difference
We have been mute for centuries
Time for us to mount an offense
We lose battles everyday
Perhaps small ones
Failing to live upto expectations
Perhaps grander ones
Failing to mend broken relations
But what we never lose
Is our hope
That maybe tomorrow
Tomorrow will be a better day
The sun will shine on me
and bask me in it's glory
Tomorrow those lost battles
The smaller ones and the grander ones
Will be a bad nightmare.
A forgotten memory
lost in the chasms of our minds.
Tomorrow we will claim
What we have fought for all along
That is why even though we lose the battles
We keep fighting the war

And that is who I really am
A glimpse of hope in the darkest nights
A lost cause
A never-ending struggle

That is who we are
for I am everybody
People like us
People we know.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Just In My Mind

I am busy taking potshots
bringing down hotshots
It's Valentine's day
Singles trying to make hay
but that ain't my goal
not the way that i roll
I am thinking billionaires
Wonder how they got there!!
Sonofaguns stole my tricks
dealt me a couple kicks
All of that is bullshit
I'm just a deadbeat
All around see black ops
shooting down 'em rogue cops
Hallucinating countrymen
always ask where and when
Inequalities equated
Devil's actions advocated
Opinionated egosters
Overrated superstars.

Punch drunk love
Over and above
Attack of the clones
Shattered several bones
Intellectual debates
Post New Year rebates
Once upon a time
Lived superman-prime
damned if you try
to relate all the lines
Anything can be proved
trashed and removed.

All the little animals got screwed
Life is just as it is viewed
Paranoia claimed my soul
Superbad makes me feel old
Back where I started it seems
Nightwing has lost all his dreams
The end of the beginning has began
It's game over for jokes and fun.
Time to end this fiasco of a song.
Close your eyes poof!!and I am gone.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Point of View

Well....just sharing certain interesting observations I have made recently...I mean they seem pretty uninteresting to you...but I found them mildly interesting...

1.As all of you know there's a site called twitter where people share their thoughts,activities etc...But nowadays it's getting a bit too this..

8.30 am-Eating breakfast
9.00 am-Breakfast finished
9.10 am-wearing a shirt
9.20 am-Wearing a a pant now

I dont think this is exactly what the creators of the site had in mind.....I guess we are lucky guys arent posting the color of their underwears yet....

2.I wish I was living in the wild know..having a beer with Clint Eastwood or John Wayne....riding with Jimmy Stewart.. nobody to bother me...but noooo!!!I am here in the 21st century where some dude interrupts me while I am watching a most engaging scene in The Big Lebowski to complain and whine about how the girl who dumped him 3 years ago suddenly came to his thoughts now and is making him feel suicidal; are making ME feel suicidal...I didn't dump you did I??then why inflict this punishment on me??By the way did it ever occur to you that she could have dumped you coz you are a pathetic loser??just a thought....

3.I seem to miss out on everything...I mean...when I was in school...they gave out those cool looking badges when we were in the last year....when I am in college our library becomes digital and talks of a canteen being opened surface when I am in the last semester of third year....Even when I used to ride buses they looked like someone had chewed 'em up and spit 'em out...but now since I have stopped riding them...they are all brand new and foreign looking...I bet if I leave Kolkata..It would become the next Las Vegas and y'all would own 3 casinos each....

4.Nowadays we hear a lot about how people hate Shiv Sena.....They are like the ultimate villains of the country....They are the hindi movies corrupt politicians we used to hate as kids...Now we are venting our anger against them for being insufferable pricks....I think those fellas are just angry....they need to relax...slow down a little...spend time with friends...laugh and joke...or else if they continue like this Sunny Deol and Mithun Chakravarty are gonna beat the shit outta they did in those movies....

5.This time of the year....there are a lot of weddings going on...and nice people who never harmed anyone in their lives,,,,get married because they have a whole lot of dreams..although I will be damned if I understand what's so dreamy about being a family man and having a hundred thousand respomsibilites??and spending your money on your kids...those nasty little brats...but do people EVER warn them during their weddings???NO!!!they laugh and stand and celebrate.-'HA HA...LET SOMEONE ELSE SUFFER TOO WHAT I AM SUFFERING'....the food's good though.....

6.Nowadays I hardly sleep before 4 am...even though I am really tired and havent slept all day....My mom said my biological clock has been altered....I hope it's not insomnia....then I would have to go to all those support groups and open a fight club,,,,and have an imaginary alter-ego who is gonna fuck me up is that a good thing or a bad thing?

7.Artists these days have such weirdass names..Lady Gaga..what the hell kind of a name is that???Sounds like some old duchess crossed with an african witch....and what's with this Gaga fan and taylor swift fans warring all the time...i mean..COME ON...both are now gonna argue about who sucks more???It's worse thah Shah Rukh and Aamir fans arguing about you who looks more know..they can win the gay icon of the year award..which is the only one they havent won yet.....

8.The reality shows these days are so cheap and reflect the cultural degeneration of the nation in general....the girls look like bimbos...the guys like pornstars..with pumped up bodies...moan and bitch about each other all the time...I have tried to figure out what they actually need to do to win the,,..ah well..i guess whoever bitches the best wins...and what's surprising is they keep garnering such huge TRPs.....

well...those are about share your know..if you want to..

Monday, February 01, 2010


I Never wanted you all to condone my actions
Never asked the other guy to follow my lead
Even if one day I am laid down in traction
I will never force you to support my deeds
Because I know I am not the greatest hero on earth
Won't be greeted with cheers as I walk down the ramp
Things have always been like this ever since rebirth
I have always been considered a no good tramp.
But I've never allowed opinions to slow me down
As I scourge everything and everyone in sight;
I've never thought about running from town
Because some people bark worse than they bite.
I made a lot of mistakes,I am human after all
Fucked things up badly quite a few times
But I never cut a deal,never played ball
I always...always tried to pay up for my crimes.
At the end of the day,I am just like you
Win some,lose some the rest are drawn
But hey perfect people are far and few
Well I guess we will be here even at dawn.
Looks like we are the only ones we have
So why dont we just try to get along?
Fuck it!That would make life boring
And I wont be able to write anymore songs
So you dont have to agree with me
And I dont have to pander to you.
We can be poles apart and still co-exist
Just show a li'l bit of respect for my views.
And that's all I have to say for now
Everything's happy and gay for now
Hope I've not bitten off more than I can chew,
Anyways,that's all!!Good Night and fuck you.

Just some respect...that's all I want...