Thursday, February 18, 2010

People We Know

The Universal I
Speaking for us
About People like me
And People we know

People think I am
A materialistic capitalist
An unrealistic communist
A parody of a maverick
A forgotten limerick
A sorry punchline
A succulent grapevine
A hard-luck tragedy
Without a remedy
A self-indulgent intellectual
A rebel ineffectual

I take this chance
To state where I stand
To clear the air
and say what's fair
Because ever since birth
Have often gone unheard

I am not alone
I am all of us
People like me
People we know
And they are me

We are the challengers
To this society of pretenders
Our caustic comments
Cause a lot of torment
We hit out
and get beat down
We say what we know
We cant stand the fact
That people let it go

We are not new age heroes
We just want to make a difference
We have been mute for centuries
Time for us to mount an offense
We lose battles everyday
Perhaps small ones
Failing to live upto expectations
Perhaps grander ones
Failing to mend broken relations
But what we never lose
Is our hope
That maybe tomorrow
Tomorrow will be a better day
The sun will shine on me
and bask me in it's glory
Tomorrow those lost battles
The smaller ones and the grander ones
Will be a bad nightmare.
A forgotten memory
lost in the chasms of our minds.
Tomorrow we will claim
What we have fought for all along
That is why even though we lose the battles
We keep fighting the war

And that is who I really am
A glimpse of hope in the darkest nights
A lost cause
A never-ending struggle

That is who we are
for I am everybody
People like us
People we know.


atindriyo said...

Jjioh Pagla!
Puro Tyger Tyger Burning Bright!
Ba Anish Anish Burning Bright!

mrinal said...

'Our caustic comments
Cause a lot of torment'

completely agree with these lines!!

and the poem ends on an emotional note
'That is who we are
for I am everybody
People like us
People we know.'

nicely written!

Samadrita said...

Very strong message hidden within these lines buddy!

I am not alone
I am all of us
People like me
People we know

So true!
Extremely well-written. :)One of your best works.

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

Words from a rebel..."people like us"..will always be with you...
a post with a strong vision....
Very well written Anish

Anonymous said...

thank u everyone for the kind words!!!much appreciated...and it really means a lot coming from u guys...