Friday, August 28, 2009


Your heroes are perfect beings.
My heroes are non-living things.
Your heroes crack witty jokes.
My heroes are planning a hoax
Your heroes are hip and happening
My heroes are totally boring
Your heroes are smooth-talking SOBs
My heroes are street-smart hippies
Your heroes are loved by one and all
My heroes are the ones who take the fall
Your heroes always get a standing ovation
My heroes are hated all over the nation
Your heroes are very magnanimous
My heroes are downright infamous
Your heroes always have a pretty princess
My heroes hit girls without any distress
Your heroes fight the good fight
My heroes believe “might is right”
But in the end-
Yes,in the end-
Your heroes are god-like kings
My heroes are real human beings

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just for something's sake

Well hello people;long time no post.So I thought I would post something just for the sake of posting something.Here goes:

1.Kolkata-the city of joy?More like the city of broken dreams.

2.3 A.M. in the morning is very beautiful.And……you have insomnia.

3.People just need an excuse to make friends.Or quarrel in a crowded bus.

4.People are damn irritating.This statement isn’t a judgement.Its an universal truth.

5.if people stopped arguing for sometime,the earth would be soooooooo peaceful.And soooooooooooo bloody boring.

6. Michael Corleone is the hero of millions all over the world.He is also a fictional character.

7.There’s two ways to get people to do some work for you.One is pay them.Another is double-dare them.

8.Fortune favours the brave.And the beginner,just to make his teacher look foolish.And also the fools because they are the only ones to stupid enough to be brave.

9.Did I mention people are irritating?And also hypocritic,obnoxious and mean as hell.Like me.

10.I am tired.Good night.Have a nice day....or night...whatever...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

No One But Me

There’s no one but me,there’s no one but me.
It’s 11.30 at night and the streets are empty.
I am stranded alone in this godforsaken city.
There’s no one here except good ol’ me.

Looks like this city died quite sometime back
Everything here though has been left intact.
Down the road,I even found a familiar Big Mac
The houses are all red and the streets are all black.

I find myself wondering how this city died.
Maybe a disease that no one survived.
Or perhaps a nuclear bomb cast it aside
Wonder how I ended up on this city’s inside

But then I stopped wondering where everyone had gone
As It hit me like bricks on my head.
Something that I should have long ago known.
It was not the city it was me who was dead

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Elixir of life

The things that make life worth living for useless tramps like myself:
1.4.30 p.m.-that’s when my college ends.

2.ESPN-STAR SPORTS-TEN SPORTS-many people would be devastated if these channels went off air….the sale of anti depressants would shoot up.After all this is where boys find solace from their hitleristic bosses, loathsome jobs, outrageous bills and whining girlfriends.

3.The roadside stalls around the city-Some people (read my mother) say we eat to live not live to eat..yeah sure….as long there is food in front of me anyone can say anything to me.And these are the places which provide plenty of cheap food.

4.Dil se-This show on red fm from 10 p.m.-3 a.m. every Friday has been an old friend.Many a times over the years I have fallen asleep listening to this.Some things stay the same and remind you of your childhood.

5.Adda-The once in a while evening hanging out with friends….and chatting..thats really one of the things that keep us going.Even the biggest of pjs make you laugh then,and you feel grateful to have these friends,

6.Vacation after exams-These excite us so much,that many of us start planning a lot of things to do during this time even before the exams begin.But the vacations make the tedious examinations a little bearable.

7-Computer games-Yeah ok so I am fat and I can’t participate in physical sports.Big deal.I still kill 50-60 terrorists every evening and score 5 goals in one match.Go chew on that!!!

8-Weekends-Phewwwww!!!Some rest from writing those lab reports and finishing those assignments for tomorrow.Ah,to be able to comfortably sit and watch a movie!!!that reminds me-

9,Movies-If you haven’t seen movies you are missing something big.From The Godfather of the past to The Hangover of the present movies really can liven your mood up.

10.And finally-last but never the least-Hope-The hope that tomorrow will be a better terrorism free,reservation free,swine flu free,tax free world is one thing that keeps you going.Even when all the odds are stacked against you,hope is one thing that makes life worth living.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Public Enemies Review

From the time I heard Public Enemies the new Michael Mann movie was starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale I knew this was going to be huge.I mean here we have two of the biggest cult actors in Hollywood.Depp mainly known for his Captain Jack Sparrow has been given some superb performances( Charlie and the Chocolate factory,Sleepy Hollow,Donnie Brasco) over the years.Christian Bale who became famous as the billionaire playboy crimefighter Bruce Wayne has also some acclaimed performances under his belt.(American Psycho,The Machinist,The Prestige).With these two actors of tremendous potential you have Michael Mann as director who has given some highly enthralling movies like Heat,The Insider,Collateral in the past.So with names such as these associated with Public Enemies expectations were always bound to be sky-high.I know you are thinking that the next sentence will be “But unfortunately the film fails to live up to the expectations.”You are right.It does fail.
Public Enemies is set during the Great focuses on the true story of FBI agent Melvin Purvis's attempt to stop criminals John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, and Pretty Boy Floyd.I will not reveal the plot so as not to give away the story but just say this-There was every element in the story for this to be a great movie.It has a lot of similarities with one of Mann’s previous works Heat where Pacino and De Niro play the two men on two sides of law.That movie was superb.Where then does this movie fail?
1)The Dialogues-The dialogues are smart,crisp but nothing earth-shattering.Specially the scene between Bale and Depp.That scene required much more dialogues.And the ones used were frankly not good enough.The scene in Heat between De Niro and Pacino had some awesome dialogues.
2)The speed-The speed of the movie never really picked up.Even the actions scenes are not anything awesome,which is to be expected since this is set in 1933.In Heat the break-neck speed was a key factor contributing to the success of the movie.
3)Character Development-I felt both Dillinger and Purvis’s characters were sketchy and under-developed.Especially Melvin Purvis.When you make a movie about two real men a little character development is expected at least.
4)Not much scope for actors to strut their stuff.Johnny Depp is good as Dillinger and he does his best to churn out another noteworthy performance in a limited script.Christian Bale is under-used in the movie.He does what he has been asked to do quite well.But when you have two actors of the calibre of Depp and Bale you have got to use them better.
5)The Ending-I wont reveal the ending here,but I sort of found it a little lame.
When in a cops and robbers movie you cant get the audience to root for either the cop or the robber there is something wrong in the movie.Does it mean that Public Enemies is a bad movie?Not at all.It’s definitely worth a watch.It’s got all the facts correct.And it does display the Dillinger episode accurately.But it could have been a lot better if Mann would have taken some creative liberties.The element of drama is completely absent in the movie.
P.S- Johnny Depp really struggles in the romantic scenes.