Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just for something's sake

Well hello people;long time no post.So I thought I would post something just for the sake of posting something.Here goes:

1.Kolkata-the city of joy?More like the city of broken dreams.

2.3 A.M. in the morning is very beautiful.And……you have insomnia.

3.People just need an excuse to make friends.Or quarrel in a crowded bus.

4.People are damn irritating.This statement isn’t a judgement.Its an universal truth.

5.if people stopped arguing for sometime,the earth would be soooooooo peaceful.And soooooooooooo bloody boring.

6. Michael Corleone is the hero of millions all over the world.He is also a fictional character.

7.There’s two ways to get people to do some work for you.One is pay them.Another is double-dare them.

8.Fortune favours the brave.And the beginner,just to make his teacher look foolish.And also the fools because they are the only ones to stupid enough to be brave.

9.Did I mention people are irritating?And also hypocritic,obnoxious and mean as hell.Like me.

10.I am tired.Good night.Have a nice day....or night...whatever...


Samadrita said...

Rants huh?..that too when the rest of the world were in dreamland.
And hey what's with The Godfather fixation of yours?If you'd have written Robert Langdon or Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot or some other character's name that would've still been justified.

Soumya said...

pathetic post....I wonder..y people r so irritating!!!

Ranjith said...

People will always continue to be irritating, no matter how much the other one runs away.

Anonymous said...

@ranjith-i hear ya brother...
@samadrita-michael corleone commands a far larger fan following than the other 3 combined...
@soumya-baah..eta wonder korchis?