Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Elixir of life

The things that make life worth living for useless tramps like myself:
1.4.30 p.m.-that’s when my college ends.

2.ESPN-STAR SPORTS-TEN SPORTS-many people would be devastated if these channels went off air….the sale of anti depressants would shoot up.After all this is where boys find solace from their hitleristic bosses, loathsome jobs, outrageous bills and whining girlfriends.

3.The roadside stalls around the city-Some people (read my mother) say we eat to live not live to eat..yeah sure….as long there is food in front of me anyone can say anything to me.And these are the places which provide plenty of cheap food.

4.Dil se-This show on red fm from 10 p.m.-3 a.m. every Friday has been an old friend.Many a times over the years I have fallen asleep listening to this.Some things stay the same and remind you of your childhood.

5.Adda-The once in a while evening hanging out with friends….and chatting..thats really one of the things that keep us going.Even the biggest of pjs make you laugh then,and you feel grateful to have these friends,

6.Vacation after exams-These excite us so much,that many of us start planning a lot of things to do during this time even before the exams begin.But the vacations make the tedious examinations a little bearable.

7-Computer games-Yeah ok so I am fat and I can’t participate in physical sports.Big deal.I still kill 50-60 terrorists every evening and score 5 goals in one match.Go chew on that!!!

8-Weekends-Phewwwww!!!Some rest from writing those lab reports and finishing those assignments for tomorrow.Ah,to be able to comfortably sit and watch a movie!!!that reminds me-

9,Movies-If you haven’t seen movies you are missing something big.From The Godfather of the past to The Hangover of the present movies really can liven your mood up.

10.And finally-last but never the least-Hope-The hope that tomorrow will be a better terrorism free,reservation free,swine flu free,tax free world is one thing that keeps you going.Even when all the odds are stacked against you,hope is one thing that makes life worth living.


Samadrita said...

Hey you forgot books!!!!And that is outrageous.Without books me and some other members of the population can't even hope to survive.Anyway if I were to asked to compile such a list anime would definitely be included.And maybe I'd replace ESPN-STAR SPORTS-TEN SPORTS with STAR MOVIES-STAR WORLD-ZEE CAFE-ANIMAX. :P

adidas said...

very rightly said.specially dil se with jimmy tengri is very special to me.countless times i had fallen asleep listening to the serene western numbers that he plays(his song selection matches my choice),also d title track is just awesome.
but alas,d timing has changed recently(9-12 friday).
still jimmy rocks.
i think u missed a point-ORKUTTING

Smoke, weed, novels and maths said...

Nice man !!
I wanted to write something like this for a very long time.....
and nice presentation- although if I wrote it myself I would probably have added Music (all types), novels and Drugs [sad but true :(] also..
But yeah Friends and Hope- the things that keep us going........
Really, I appreciate ur writing the post.

Soumya said...

great writing buddy...ya got it right...espn, starsports have become a part n parcel of our lyf...so is Jimmy's dil se....jimmy rocks man!!
N frnds....dey not only entertain me by chatting but also help me kill the terrorists.. :)

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

vel wrtten...........bt ya av misd out mny thngs........n des thngs vary frm person ta person.....so itz diffclt ta genrlse........
bt styl gud effort

Som...getting it off my chest!! said...

how true...how true...how would have guys survived withot those things?imagine a life without movies,a t.v. without sports channels and a week witout weekends...death is better!!