Friday, August 28, 2009


Your heroes are perfect beings.
My heroes are non-living things.
Your heroes crack witty jokes.
My heroes are planning a hoax
Your heroes are hip and happening
My heroes are totally boring
Your heroes are smooth-talking SOBs
My heroes are street-smart hippies
Your heroes are loved by one and all
My heroes are the ones who take the fall
Your heroes always get a standing ovation
My heroes are hated all over the nation
Your heroes are very magnanimous
My heroes are downright infamous
Your heroes always have a pretty princess
My heroes hit girls without any distress
Your heroes fight the good fight
My heroes believe “might is right”
But in the end-
Yes,in the end-
Your heroes are god-like kings
My heroes are real human beings


shambo said...

The concluding lines stole the scene..... Keep up the good work...

Atindriyo said...

awesome !

Samadrita said...

I agree with Atindriyo.Really great work! :) Kudos!

adidas said...

A Meisterwerk(masterpiece).last two lines really told the whole story.

Soumya said...

Our heroes are tons of bully shit!!
Your hero is by far mighty hit!!

Good work...!!...YAh, liked the concept of nonliving human being!! :P

eddie said...

its tough to b a good human being rather than being a hero..... thats the difference between a hero and a real hero.......... well expressed,...

Nightwing said...

thanx a lot everyone..... :)

NesQuarX said...

*feels proud about not being a real human being*

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

Awsum stuff......ya non-livin human being theory is cool

Sreya said...

the last two lines were great!
the piece is really nice! cheers ^_^