Thursday, March 17, 2011


Wordsworth had a writer’s block-it drove him mad
He lost words worth millions-words were all he had.
I never could use words like he could-not even close
Can never express myself beautifully-even in prose
Because the rage in my heart fills me,chokes me up
Much like South Africa at every cricket World Cup.
I’m a coward at heart,a whiner,a wannabe,a rat
I ain’t Richard the lionheart –believe me I know that.
I use anger as a shield,a disguise to cover my fears
Shout at me,you never know-I might well be in tears
I wish I had courage-courage to face my demons.
I wish I had words-A nice vocab and some puns.
I also wish I was a rich playboy-superhero of  the nights
Fighting crime,scaling rooftops-dressed in revolting tights
In the end i wish I could write something to make you cry
But hopelessly wordless as I am-am just gonna say goodbye.

P.S:Pray for Japan people.Pray that God gives them the strength to overcome these adversities and emerge stronger than before.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Dying Star

I am too tired to banter with you -I am too tired to fight
I am tired of judging you-Judging what’s wrong and right

The night is young,but I am old-a hundred and a score years old
We have been raising the stakes all night-now’s the time I fold.

You can keep my pride and fire
You can keep my fight and desire

I fell so hard and fell so far-I can’t get back up again
My best friend is the dying star-I can’t stand it’s pain.

I wish I could ride into the sunset-into the wild wild west
But this war ain’t over by any means-ain’t no time for rest.