Thursday, March 17, 2011


Wordsworth had a writer’s block-it drove him mad
He lost words worth millions-words were all he had.
I never could use words like he could-not even close
Can never express myself beautifully-even in prose
Because the rage in my heart fills me,chokes me up
Much like South Africa at every cricket World Cup.
I’m a coward at heart,a whiner,a wannabe,a rat
I ain’t Richard the lionheart –believe me I know that.
I use anger as a shield,a disguise to cover my fears
Shout at me,you never know-I might well be in tears
I wish I had courage-courage to face my demons.
I wish I had words-A nice vocab and some puns.
I also wish I was a rich playboy-superhero of  the nights
Fighting crime,scaling rooftops-dressed in revolting tights
In the end i wish I could write something to make you cry
But hopelessly wordless as I am-am just gonna say goodbye.

P.S:Pray for Japan people.Pray that God gives them the strength to overcome these adversities and emerge stronger than before.


Samadrita said...

If being wordless makes you write such awesome poetry then I wish you stay that way. Stay wordless for life.
Loved it! As always. :))

Santanu said...

You made me cry.

Santanu said...

You made me cry. I know how it feels. Demons we all face but demons not all of us defeat. I have faced most of the things that I dreaded and faced my demons too, still do. But I had and have victory over them, though it takes relentless, continuous battle, time and again, only because I have surrendered my past, present and future in the hands of Jesus. Yehshua- the name means the Everlasting Supreme who saves His ppl from their wrong-doings. Try him.

Anonymous said...

That was pretty awesome man. I know how that can be sometimes...

Anish said...

Thank you for all those kind words people.Much appreciated. :)