Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Night

I stand between the gargoyles , above the tower at night
It’s pouring down and windy-there ain’t  a soul in sight
I think about the good things and the bad things I have done
And all I seem to come up with is how that night I run;
Since then his ghost has haunted me-kept me up at nights
Till he drove me to insomnia,to these dizzying heights.
So now I stand so high above ground-yet my head hangs low
I jump into the dark and silent night, Quietly I let go.

The dark night,
The silent night,
The sympathetic night,
The cruel night,
The just night.
My best friend is the night.
My worst nightmare is the night.
It knows all my secrets.


Samadrita said...

The last stanza. Amazing. Brilliant. Respect.

mrinal said...

last stanza ta khub bhalo laglo!

eddie said...

I think its the best of the lot whatever you have written... :)

Anonymous said...