Sunday, February 28, 2010


People are present all around us
Some we hate,some we love

Some are crazy,some are gay
Some people just won't go away

Some people make you laugh all night
Some are always in the mood for a fight

Some bring you joy when you are down
Some just love to act the clown

Some of 'em are awful poets like me
Some bore others with idiosyncrasies

Some just love to hate every damn thing
Often the only thing they love is wrestling

Some only have a ton of virtual friends
facebook,myspace and tweeting new trends

Some people's smiles don't reach their eyes
Some are pretty stupid but think they are wise

Some are just bitter and cynical of life
Mostly coz there's no one to give 'em high five

Some people are alone-really lonely
the predominant word in their life is only

Some just dont know when to say what
Wrong thing at the wrong time,ouch!!spare a thought!!!

Some are extremists-a little more than others
But they shouldn't be cast away-they are our brothers.

Some are hopeless romantics-always in pain
Mostly they are doped and slashing their veins

Some are very sensitive-easily offended
Some think they are smart,but really are brain-dead.

Some are quite juvenile but claim they are mature
Some are called geeks and freaks of nature

But no matter how they are we rememember them all
We need to cherish them,stop being judgemental.

The last couple of lines felt like torture
Hope it didn't leave any permanent scar.


Samadrita said...

You are free to disagree-
Without being so uptight.
To carry on with a debate-
You needn't launch a fight.

There's a way to talk to friends-
That is,if you think them to be.
To each his(her) own-
This you should see.

eddie said...

nice write-up. The concept of VIRTUAL FRIEND was amazing...:D but again ...cant u write a piece without mentioning the word GAY? :P

atindriyo said...

Some people's smiles don't reach their eyes....

man! some line! it killed me! goddamit!

mrinal said...

simply awesome!!

mrinal said...
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Anonymous said...

@samadrita-I am not quite sure I follow :D but nice poem!!

@eddie-this is the OTHER gay..happy and gay one..

@atin-thank u thank's an honour...

@mrinal-you are too kind.....thanks a lot...

NesQuarX said...

Hahahahah! People are so damn people! I'd rather meet a person any day.

Anonymous said...

@nesquarx-yeah arent they??person is much better....and less...people-ish...

adidas said...

truely till date!!