Monday, February 01, 2010


I Never wanted you all to condone my actions
Never asked the other guy to follow my lead
Even if one day I am laid down in traction
I will never force you to support my deeds
Because I know I am not the greatest hero on earth
Won't be greeted with cheers as I walk down the ramp
Things have always been like this ever since rebirth
I have always been considered a no good tramp.
But I've never allowed opinions to slow me down
As I scourge everything and everyone in sight;
I've never thought about running from town
Because some people bark worse than they bite.
I made a lot of mistakes,I am human after all
Fucked things up badly quite a few times
But I never cut a deal,never played ball
I always...always tried to pay up for my crimes.
At the end of the day,I am just like you
Win some,lose some the rest are drawn
But hey perfect people are far and few
Well I guess we will be here even at dawn.
Looks like we are the only ones we have
So why dont we just try to get along?
Fuck it!That would make life boring
And I wont be able to write anymore songs
So you dont have to agree with me
And I dont have to pander to you.
We can be poles apart and still co-exist
Just show a li'l bit of respect for my views.
And that's all I have to say for now
Everything's happy and gay for now
Hope I've not bitten off more than I can chew,
Anyways,that's all!!Good Night and fuck you.

Just some respect...that's all I want...


mrinal said...

cool poem

coolest lines
'Fuck it!That would make life boring
And I wont be able to write anymore songs'

Samadrita said...

Good as usual.You have a knack for making your lines rhyme perfectly- something which I'm not very good at.And this makes me jealous :(

Anonymous said...

@mrinal-thanx bro... :)

@samadrita-u r too kind... :)

eddie said...

"Anyways,that's all!!Good Night and fuck you" you're impossible!!! offf!! nice write up dude....

Soumya said...

ohh...nice....liked it a lot..!!