Saturday, October 03, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

Settle down everybody
You’re in for an angry ride.

Oh all of yeh can condemn me;
But I’ll keep calling what I see.
I am the big bad referee
Loathed by all,especially Harry
Harry??Harry who??who else,Harry potter!!!
That’s the shit you read,you nutters;
Harry keeps thinking I am Snape
Why Harry??see me wearing a big,ugly cape??
But if grandpa Aamir can play Hari
Why can’t Storm be Halle berry?
I’m hated everywhere for running my mouth
I don’t just talk fellas!!damn,I SHOUT!!!
So I raped poetry,just let me be;
I am just a wannabe,not P.B.Shelley;
But just take a second to listen to my chants;
You will see there’s a little meaning in my rants.
See,I am not asking you to join my clan-
But the president there thinks he is Superman
He talks about how he was born in Krypton
And now he thinks he is the next Abe Lincoln
But Superman never called anyone “jackass”
Even though the guy in q is completely crass.
Meanwhile,all over people are brave with a gun
Take ‘em away and it’s-“run Forrest run”
That’s the shit we’ve been reduced to
You’re probably thinking-‘so,what’s new?/
What’s new is Jesus ol’ man's coming back
2012 is the time of attack,
Or so danny boy would have us believe.
Wonder what by that time,we all could achieve;
Ahh,what the hell if the world’s gonna pop
Maybe all the fighting and bloodshed will stop.
So hey all ye morons,just take second to think
All that ye have now,may vapourize in a blink.
Maybe yeh should take it easy,you know-get high.
Figure it out-meanwhile-this is Anish saying bye.


eddie said...

But if grandpa Aamir can play Hari
Why can’t Storm be Halle berry?

nice one dude... :D kip d good work goin.....

Soumya said...

The poem is too random...diff frm your other poems...may be ur new style....almost lyk e rap...but content is exciting and very true!!

"You dont need to be P.B.Shelley /
Just be a good poet of an unknown alley" - Soumya :)

adidas said...

nice and vivid as always.
this is almost like a rap...
really cool!!

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

cool.............random..........abtstract.........very nice

Samadrita said...

Haha grandpa Aamir :P he is not that old you know.
Nice one though.Liked reading it a lot.

atindriyo said...

peace is stronger than war..... and real women and real men get high on music and not on coke..... that's the point, man !
meanwhile, this one's yet another fantastic bit of madness that seeps out of our crazy mind..... be as crazy, man....just be like this, and the world shall keep on rocking and rolling....

atindriyo said...

*your crazy mind*, I meant !