Thursday, October 15, 2009

These days and I

You wanna grow up sometime
You have to let it go
Leave the world of Dylan behind
Wild west,time does flow
Live in your times
Sing your songs
Don’t bother if it rhymes
Don’t bother if it’s wrong
Just try to put up a show

You wanna win someone over
You have to give something dear
Have to fight and bleed and fall
And have to lose your fear
Show some guts
Ask her out
No ifs and buts
Damn all doubts
Just try not to be a queer

Hey people.wanna hear a story?
It’s about alice and the hatter
He served her tea and cut her head
And then he put it on a platter
That’s how it happened
And not as they say
Everything’s not fine
Hide and pray
And hope you don’t meet Dr.Hannibal Lecter.

Gone are the days of jack and jill
Now is the time for a Righteous Kill
Can’t think straight would mean you are gay
Holla man you just made my day
Look into my eyes
What do you see?
Hate or love?
Or sympathy?
Nope it’s just indifference all the way.


atindriyo said...

Man, this stands on its own truth....
Mindf***ing stuff !!!

Soumya said...

ohh...great work...!!!...but this "gay" word is becoming a common tag in all your post!!...jokes apart....great write up in a new style..!!..The theme was awesome!!

adidas said...

whoa!!really nice.
"gone r the days...righteous kill"-really awesome lines.

eddie said...

"Can’t think straight would mean you are gay
Holla man you just made my day"

common rythm "gay & day"..... change it... otherwise good ..... thought was nice.... kip it up bro....

shambo said...

Good that ur developing your own style of writing but make sure u do not get stereotypical.... As for the post,brilliant as ever n yes i do agree wid soumya.... :D

Samadrita said...

You're really getting good at this.Loved this post! :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for those kind words atin,sammy and adi...

as for the proved my words true... :P