Monday, October 19, 2009


They brought him home-
He looked like he was born in Rome;
His mother’s eyes filled with pride,
And tears too-a rare sight,
As she held her new-born boy.
His father beamed at his bundle of joy-
His voice felt choked,he said nothing
But his heart-oh,it wanted to sing
It was the happiest day of his life
He thanked God,and smiled at his wife
Their dreams had all come true at last
The tears were now a thing of the past

He came home
He now looked like the Prince of Rome
His ma’s features shone,as she saw her first-born
Her eyes showed her pride for the prodigal son.
His father smiled at how their son
Looked so handsome in his uniform.
His friends were stunned,one and all-
To see no tears at his funeral.


eddie said...

nice write up..... good thought.. kip it up..

adidas said...

excellent post.the name "tears" portrays it all.

Soumya said...

excellent poem....the best...!!! Kudos man!!...Hope I can match up to your standard some day!!

atindriyo said...

Splendid Man....Simply splendid....
And I liked this tinge of sarcasm....

Samadrita said...

Wow that's real good Anish!And so sad :(
Keep writing!