Monday, June 28, 2010

Burned Out

My faith is like a CD that has too many scratches
My fate is Jonty Rhodes-it has too many catches
My words have lost their edge-the fire is gone
Eyes have lost their sparkle-my voice is a drone
My hands feel so numb-I cannot feel a thing
Only my heart can still feel-a burn and a sting
Life doesn’t have a purpose-we make up stuff
I won’t play your game and I won’t call your bluff
The worst of your venomous words fail these days
The time has come for us to go our separate ways
We played this game for way too long-now I’m bored
My fingers ache and a layer of rust covers my sword
I feel so sedated-my eyes are heavy with sleep
You are just a memory now-No more do I weep.


Samadrita said...

You've gotten very good at these.But your poems always inevitably leave the reader sad :(

atindriyo said...

i know that, boy....

ami na hoye sentu kheye emo-kobita likhi, tui sentu na kheye likhish ki korey rey?

also, bYapok likhechhish, way to go!

eddie said...

engg chhere literature niye kichu korle partis re.. truely bolchi... erokom onek instance ache jara thik somoy e thik dcsn na nite pere suffer korche... seta tor jeno na hoy...eta toke ageo bolechi....ekhono bolchi....

mrinal dutta said...

baah seriously khub valo laglo..amar mone hoi lomba rap songs er theke short poems are better!!
precise and to the point!!

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot fellas....your comments are much appreciated... :)