Saturday, June 19, 2010

An Explanation

All this cursing and dissing finally made me tired
It’s like my heart’s burning-it’s always on fire
A fire that just won’t let me stop and admire
Dissing from pop music down to teenage vampires
This stuff I write is starting to stench of frustration
It’s as if this blog is one big advert for depression
But please allow me to make use of this occasion
Please have a seat and hear me out-my explanation.
I am the same guy who once made you laugh
But for some time now I’ve been acting tough
I was trying to be someone else all this time
We all make mistakes-well this one’s mine.
But now that it’s out there-let’s move on
From now I shall respect others’ opinions.
Dissing someone just like that just ain’t cool.
People who love that are exceptions not rules.

I am fucking around you fools-are you for real??
Fuck what others think-I am gonna write what I feel
You must be nuts if for a sec you believed that crap
Hell man..I just needed a buncha lines for my rap

Ha Batman would say...Gotcha!!!!!


eddie said...

those lines were straight from your heart... truely amazing...keep it up..

Samadrita said...

ROFLOL.I was actually gonna write some philosophical crap for my blog post in which I'd be saying how we learn to accept others' opinions and respect them.
Now I won't. :P :D

atindriyo said...

stabs deep, boy! excellent work this!

Anonymous said...

thanks people...means a lot... :)