Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Love Found

Have you ever had this feeling –you have so much to say
But words keep betraying you and you keep looking away
When your lips just wouldn’t move and convey what it feels
But then you’ve always lacked the basic communication skills
When it came to playing hardball-you were game for a fight
But your punchlines and jokes have all but dried up tonight.
You’ve given tall and clever speeches before men wise and old
And all it took to shut you up was a date with a pretty girl
You love the smallest things about her-and yet you can’t express
All you can do tonight it seems is smile and stare at her face
If only you were a sorcerer and could make this night last
But soon it will be midnight-Cinderella’s time fades fast
And as you look into her eyes it hits you from the blue-
It doesn’t matter if she knows or not so long your love is true.
You just want her to smile this smile and be this happy forever
And realizing that my friend-that was something really clever.

P.S-This is my first attempt at a love poem.Don't criticize it too harshly even if it sucks.


Samadrita said...

Aww that was so sweet and well-written.I read it thrice already.
Although this makes me suspicious of our disillusioned maverick now.In love eh? ;)

Ankit said...

;)awesome..every boy has felt like this once in his it..
n i also am eager to know the answer to samadrita's question.

eddie said...

loved it thoroughly... really a good one...:)i knw the answer of the question asked here...:)

Prerna Munshi said...

Is this your first stint as a poet?
Unbelievable.....Too catchy a theme:):)
Kudos to you! :):)

Anonymous said...

@samadrita-thanks am glad you liked it...

@ankit-no answer..

@eddie-you know nothing...

@prerna-not my first poem...but my first love yeah was a bit nervous...