Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Going against Gender Stereotypes

Hmm.I usually don’t do tag posts-But this is an interesting one.Sins against gender stereotypes-I won’t bore you with a long winded explanation of what gender stereotypes are because I know you won’t bother going through it-I wouldn’t if I were you.But the main reason is because I don’t want to-So chuck the appetizers and let’s the begin the main course-The things I am supposed to do or love as a guy but which I don’t enjoy-

1.No smoking/drinking-I don’t smoke.I don’t drink. Almost all the guys I know smoke.Most drink.It’s not that I am bound by some moral code or I think smoking or drinking is “wrong”-neither is it because it’s harmful for health.I tried to smoke one day-found the taste horrible and haven’t done it since.As for drinking,after school I sometimes used to have a beer once in 6 months.But now I have given that up too.

2.Not a rock music fan-I am not a rock music fan.Most of the guys I know are crazy rock music fans.They swear by Pink Floyd,live by Metallica.They eat Iron Maiden,drink Coldplay.Except for alternative and classical rock,I find rock music extremely annoying-And I can’t stand metal-It seems to me,those fellas in the bands try to pass off noise as music.

3.My dress sense-Most of the guys around me are always wearing jeans and tees.But I love wearing full-sleeve shirts and trousers. I guess this isn’t much of a point but it still makes me stand out like an odd duck.

4.I hate action movies-What is the matter with me?Guys are supposed to LOVE action movies!!And here I am-who finds them stupid,over-the-top and extremely idiotic.I don’t even like them for time pass.Yep for me,action movies suck!!

5.Not a gadgets freak-This is yet something which most guys love.They go crazy over the latest gizmos and cool gadgets-I am not particularly intrigued by those.I have no interest Ipad,Iphone etc.I hate touch-phones coz I suck with them and use an outdated Motorola model with just an FM radio and no other features.I find these new gadgets too cumbersome and hard to manoeuvre.

6.I hate porn-Well this might be hard to believe for some people-in fact most-but that’s the truth-I am a guy who abhors porn.Let me tell you the origin story of this problem-I was in class 12 when a friend decided to show me porn-I felt sick seeing it-I had to go and throw up-It seemed so vulgar-Later that night I couldn’t sleep-kept sweating.Many of my friends know this already-Since that day I have never tried to watch porn.

Well I guess that sums it up I guess.Other than these stuff-I am pretty much I guy-ish guy and do all the stuff guys does-From football mania to being a glutton to eyeing random hot girls on the street-I like it all.
I am not tagging anyone in this post-Anyone who wants to do it feel free to take up this tag-I guess that’s it for now.Have fun.


Ankit said...

I guess u gave up drinking after the day to china town with us...i may get lynched after this but u were drunk that day..

Ankit said...
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Samadrita said...

Wow you hate porn. I will bow down to you just coz of this :)
And the non-alcoholic part too.

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

*bows to you*(i second Samadrita)
neat write...liked it

NesQuarX said...

Ahh, don't make such tall claims, you may hate average porn, you just have not found 'your' porn... ;D

Jokes apart... though your list denotes a deviation from the average joe stereotype, it heads more towards the sophisticated man stereotype.