Sunday, July 11, 2010


Sometimes I wonder why I write this stuff
I know they are generic-I try to act tough
But I know they suck-a waste of your time
I’d be arrested if bad writing was a crime

All I do ever is diss,complain moan and whine
And find an excuse for every mistake of mine
And blame all the people who tried to help me
Pretend being blind-easier to look away than see

I try to be the Dude-but I fail to be the man
I fail to be the Dude too-I don’t think I can
Charm people off their feet-that ain’t me
I can only try to cheer you up unsuccessfully

I shirk responsibilities-I can shoulder none
I remain the same immature frivolous one
I try to cover that up and I say I am a rebel
But the truth is-coward is more apt a label

My friends try to help me-I turn them away
This way I have lost many friends to this day
Yet others keep coming and trying to help me
Some feel I am misguided-they don’t know me

Things change all the time-yet they stay the same
I figured this out long ago-this is not a game
We ultimately learn to live with what we’ve done
I guess it’s my fate to be the unrepentant one.


Samadrita said...

Wow. I just salute your courage for being able to be so candid and unrepentant. :)

mrinal dutta said...

bhibhosto hoeche...kobita ta consistently valo!!
anish at its depressing best!!
keep it up!!
i think u should leave rap songs and try ur hands at metal lyrics!!!

Ankit said...

one of ur best..loved it. Sometimes i feel u r a better poet than prose writer.

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

this is an extremely honest piece of poetry...i mean very few people have the guts to say these things without any hesitation...i loved this one