Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I am Superman Prime,the Time-Trapper
I ain’t a gangsta-naah not a crime rapper
I am damned to an eternity of sociopathy
These humanoids don’t have my sympathy
I know what they say-they call me a freak
But if ya ask me-they ain’t allowed to speak

I am Harvey Dent-They call me Two-Face
I am the biggest hypocrite around this place
For every time I pick I side-I try to be unfair
I can’t face the truth-so I try to do a dare
The number two has always fascinated me
Coming out second-best is a habit,you see

I am the goddamn Batman,no not Bruce Wayne
I ain’t borderline psychotic-am just plain insane
I don’t hafta do drugs-this beatdown gets me high
Some say I am a sadist-I say DIE CRITICS DIE!!
Some say it’s a compulsion-I don’t have a choice
I say you are freaking nuts- in my gruff bat-voice

I am Clark Kent-the timid mild-mannered man
I have a huge crush on Lois Lane-if only I can
Tell her that I am the guy with fists of steel
And I am from Krypton-stop calling me Smallville
I can fly,I can shoot laser-Hey you know that bloke?
Harry Potter-I can see him in his invisibility cloak.


P.S:This is what happenes when you don't have anything constructive to write... :D


Quintessence Of Illusion said...

ahh well this one was like a gansta-rap and superman poem

Samadrita said...

Hahaha I really enjoyed reading this. A lot. Somehow this one has a lighter mood compared to your other rap compositions.