Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shiney-Villain or Victim?

Okk,through the media everyone knows about the now famous Shiney Ahuja case.He sexually assaulted his maid servant,broke down during interrogation and confessed…blah blah blah…the usual 9 yards.And one of my friends(who is a bit of a-well actually a lot of a feminist at heart) feels that its very wrong that he is still alive.That he should have been dead by now.How dare they continue to let him breathe when he has done such a heinous job and ruined an innocent girl’s life?The following is my opinion on the matter.
Ever since I attained some maturity I have seen that in our country women and girls are given preference to boys.A girl’s statement holds more value than a boy’s.That’s the way it is.If a girl shouts in the middle of the road-this boy is molesting me-the boy gets a sound beating before he can even say anything.In one stroke of accusation,a person’s good reputation built up over a long period of time can be destroyed.In Shiney Ahuja’s case I would like to bring up the following points-
1.Shiney Ahuja has been testified by all his friends and family to be a nice guy..not at all like you find in the film industry.And a nice guy does not act like this.So why should Shiney?
2.If he is not a nice guy and has fooled his friends all along,it means whatever he may be,he ain’t stupid.He knows what will happen if he does this.So even if he raped her wouldn’t he want to silence her forever?
3.Another question I would like to ask is why would a man with a wife want to rape some-one??That too some-one who isn’t exactly a Katrina kaif?
4.Shiney’s family denied that he admitted to rape.
5.Suppose the maid servant consented to sex at that time…then tried to blackmail him…and when he refused…she went to the police to discredit him…isn’t it possible??
I don’t know if he is guilty or not.MIND YOU,IF HE IS,HE SHOULD BE HANDED CAPITAL PUNISHMENT.PEOPLE WHO COMMIT THESE CRIMES SHOULD BE BURNT DOWN ALIVE…BUT IF AIN’T GUILTY…HE SHOULD GET A PROPER HEARING.The laws in our country are heavily loaded in the favour of women.This needs to be amended.And people shouldn’t come to conclusions sitting so far away.That’s all I am saying.


Samadrita said...

Okay I'll give you reasons why he could've raped her.First of all he and his stupid wife had a long distance relationship.So what's likely is that he didn't er get any while he was stuck in his apartment on his own.
So what do you think a guy would do in such a situation?He was alone in his house with a young maid.(And I know she isn't Katrina Kaif...this only proves how desperate Shiney was)So it's likely he coulda coaxed her into getting into bed with him or forced her to.The maid had also complained that he had molested her the day before.If that's true then raping her the next day doesn't sound like an impossibility to me.
And I saw in the papers that the injury marks they'd found on the victim more than suggests rape.
I know nothing has been proved just as of yet.But I think I'm getting a pretty clear picture here.
And btw testimonials by family and friends don't prove that a guy is of impeccable character.And Shiney might have had a clean record before this incident.But there's always a beginning to your erm criminal career right?
P.S:Just because I'm a feminist doesn't mean I'm an unfair judge.

Nightwing said...

you know..this doesnt make for a very pleasant debate for win....

if he really has done it...well

Samadrita said...

Yeah I agree.Don't wanna argue on this one.Yucky topic really!

NesQuarX said...

Yeah! Let's rather argue about birds and bees and sweet smelling flowers :D

kalyan.. said...

we can argue and play black and white or we can use the energy for solving it. if we dont solve it, we can as well shut up.

Nightwing said...

very very very well said...