Sunday, November 08, 2009

Alphabet soup

This post is intended to be my worst post ever.I am hoping your criticisms will make me give up writing for good.

A-Alphabet soup
B-Baghdad in a coup
C-Catalans in a mess
D-De Caprio craze
E-Empathize with me
G-Gestapo on my back
H-Hiroshima got whacked
I-Indo-China ties
J-Jurassic Park fries
K-Katrina sizzles
L-Luca Toni fizzles
M-Messidona soars
N-Nightwing bores
O-Osama bites
P-Pentagon fights
Q-QT’s fiction
R-Real addiction
S-Superman flies
T-Trouble in paradise
U-Universal blues
V-Victorian hues
W-Washington might
X-Xenon burns bright
Y-Youngistan hurts
Z-Zero hour starts


atindriyo said...

wow !

eta diye bachchader a-b-c-d sheykhaley hoy !

eddie said...

messidona soars|
nightwing bores||

good one.... but i thnk many will not like this....:P

adidas said...

ya nice one and also innovative too

Soumya said...

A short tym write a post with 1,2...lyk... 1,2 buckle my shoe..3,4

but dude, this was super boring!!..and eddie(I presume he liked the post a lot!!) go back to the nursery-s...I hope you'll find sum "good one" lines there..!! These lines specially "messidona soars|" is of no "good" at all!! :P...sry anish!!

atindriyo said...

eta amar pora greatest poetry ever written....

Tagore, Milton, Keats, Coleridge, Whitman, Eliot, Lorca, Neruda, Ginsberg - they would've been proud had they written anything like this.

Ankit said...

sucks..big tym

nesquarx said...

Arre Boka Chhele, Dekh Ei Funda Gulo Holo Intelligent Je Kono Lokke Mora Nyatar Obosthay Phelar Qaeda. Really, Shobai Toke Udom Vaat Writing Xalted Yogi Zanbe!

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

hmmm........there seems a lot of disagreement regarding this post....but honestly i liked it very have adressed the serus issues in a light way.....whats wrong in that????....infact its way better than writing paragraphs about global roks man...keep up the good work