Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Winds of Hate

I know there will never ever be someone like me again
Or maybe there will be someone,someone who will offend
All you straight-laced straight-faced strait-jacketed individuals.
Whose biggest and only fears in life are freaks and homosexuals.
A population so obsessed,obscenely fixated with striking gold
Every word you speak,every letter makes my heart grow cold
Colder than ice,I have grown immune to your charms and guile
Coz every time you smile at me,I am afraid your smile might kill.
I stand separated from y'all as you surge ahead past me in life-
I dont wanna die of self-pity,I would rather be killed by a knife
But pray tell me this,coz I simply fail to grasp your mentality
Why do you keep asking me to stay grounded to reality?
I'm no bird-I don't wanna fly-But I dont wanna always conform
I wont live by the rules you made-Abide all your social norms
All I ever asked for was not being forced to do what I hate
And still be able to live my life and not meet with Galileo's fate
People think I'm crazy,I'm nuts but that's only a point of view
Like from where I stand cows and goats look better than you
So this is how it is-you hate me and I cant stand the sight of you
So for now I am gonna leave you in peace-time to bid adieu
But don't relax,be alert-Like Arnie said-"I'll be back"
Sit tight pals,It mightn't be long before I launch my next attack.


Samadrita said...

Lol typical Anish!
But I loved this had a free-flowing quality to it and the words hit hard no matter which way I see it.
Keep writing! :)

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

BACK blogger after a long break........
sarcasm at its best........good work

eddie said...

nice to have you back bro.. good write-up..

NesQuarX said...

Oooh, very you!

Atindriya said...

awesome, man! it flows!

mrinal dutta said...

very well written and as already said flows!!