Friday, May 06, 2011

Broken Memories

I had some time to think about the past
The smiles,the tears,the unbroken trust;
That time of life when we all were naive
And yet we had the time of our lives.

We had not a care in this whole wide world
Would end up like this,who coulda foretold?
Our lives were simple and our biggest worries-
Were about the heroes in adventure stories.

We should have known it was too good to last
Those days are memories covered with dust
Now even in victory we cannot seem to win
Can’t seem to fight off the demons within.

Perhaps we changed,perhaps we lost our faith
Maybe that’s the reason our love turned to hate
Perhaps all we need to do is find the kid within
Perhaps we need to stop always trying to win.

Maybe if we weren’t too busy hunting glory
We could have had our own Cinderella stories:
Too late for a fairy tale for this world weary traveller
Too late for “and everyone lived happily ever after.”


eddie said...

Liked it thoroughly...
**We should have known it was too good to last
Those days are memories covered with dust**

reminds me of my school days!! :(

mrinal said...

brilliant..hell yeah !

Supratim said...

Happily lived ever after......awesome.....This is what i think revive the kid within....

Samadrita said...
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Samadrita said...

Last line...awesome! No escapist optimism here. Just the plain and simple truth.

Santanu said...

Yes, revive we must the kid within.... Be born again... be transformed by the renewal of our minds.

Ankit said...

good one...somehow reminded me of the school bus days...those meaningless rambles, quizes...crush es on teachers...pure nostalgia, aren't those...remember the band heartattack?

Anish said...

Thanks everyone for those kind comments.Much appreciated :)

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

I really like this...very nice