Friday, April 17, 2009

Seventh Heaven

Have you ever thought how it would be like to do whatever you wished to do for just one day?I thought a lot about.We live within so many bindings now-a-days that the real us is lost somewhere deep within us.We have become mechanical.We do certain things we don’t like to do but have to do because its decent its normal.”NORMAL” is the operative word here.So what would I do if I had one day to myself to do whatever I wished for without any bindings?

12.00 am-I would declare myself the President of the United States and withdraw troops from Iraq.I would stay at the White House for a couple of hours and enjoy a president’s life…but gotta go…time is short….so I stay here for only 3 hours….ha ha…

3.00 am-I would travel to Hollywood and sign Al Pacino for a tamil film starring Rajnikanth.In the movie Rajnikanth is the hero and Al Pacino is the villain,the leader of the USA army.Rajnikanth fights the entire USA army,navy and air forces with one hand tied behind his back and his blind-folded.Oh yes,he beats them without breaking a sweat.

7.00 am-I would buy all the shares(no financial binding remember?) of Warner Brothers and DC comics.From the next month DC comics will publish a weekly issue of Drona.1st issue guest stars the Batman.Go collect your issue now!!I am sorry…from next month.

10.00 am-I am sitting in J.K.Rowling’s living room.She has agreed to start writing Harry Potter books again.I made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

12.00 noon-I am having lunch at the Beverly Hills surrounded by Penelope Cruz,Salma Hayek,Monicca Bellucci and Keira Knightley.Mr Tom Cruise are you watching?

2.00 pm -I am here in Italy and have just bought a Ferrari.Michael Schumacher was the salesman.i am taking it to India without the taxes.Now I am going for a test drive.Penelope Cruz is sitting beside me.

5.00 pm-That test drive took a while.Me and Penny we went to the countryside.Stopped the car and enjoyed the scenary.I proposed to her and she said that she has been in love with me,the moment she first saw me.(YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND I SWEAR I AM GONNA BREAK EVERY TEETH YOU HAVE…OR IS IT TOOTH?)

7.00 pm-I am back in India.I have just signed Cristiano Ronaldo for Mohun Bagan.We are gonna thrash East Bengal the next time we play.

9.00 pm-I have completed banning all the television serials in the country.Ekta Kapoor is nearly crying but I ask her to go and make movies.I even give her dvds of a few English movies and albums of a few Pakistani bands from where she can rip off.

11.00 pm-All exams of any university just got cancelled.Guess who’s behind it?

12.00 am- I wake up.Its awfully hot and I am drenched.The open lab copy before me doesn’t look inviting at all.On the computer the news updates show Mohun Bagan has lost their match.

And all of a sudden I feel glad that finally normality is restored.


Nightwing said...

feel free to comment people...

Ankit said...

jataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bapk ghyam awesum..luvd it..

NesQuarX said...

Why did you stay stuck to this planet?
Why didn't you use a time extension device?
Why did you have to be such a goody two shoes?
Where are your dreams of world domination?
Why so few actresses?
Why no assassinations?
Why Didn't you hang a 'don't wake me or I'll kill you!' sign when you dozed off???

On the other hand... Nice plans!

Nightwing said...

i didnt use all those because i'm a simple guy with no plans of world domination...

Samadrita said...

Hehe nice ambitions!Anyway if I were in your place I woulnd't have been merely satisfied with banning all of Ekta Kapoor's serials from being telecast forever.I'd make sure she is handed criminal punishment for inflicting psychological torture on unsuspecting civillians!Humph.. >_<
P.S:It is TOOTH! :)

kalyan.. said...


Seriously, the ending was awesome.

Soumya said...

well...well....its awesum..n the best of ur writings....!!!! very interesting n funny...but 2things dude...firstly u dont hav 2 make a film with rajnikant where he fights like a super duper hero..the tamil directors did that favour 4 u!!
n secondly, Anish......havin surrounded by Penelope Cruz,Salma Hayek,Monicca Bellucci and Keira Knightley .....doesn't go with ur reputation...yaar!!!