Monday, December 28, 2009

2009:A mini recap from a narrow perspective

Only a few days to go for this year to end.As 2009 enters it's last lap,let's do a recap of 2009-you know-how the year went and all that...I won't be covering all the events-Just those which appealed to me.

1.The King is Dead-An era in the history of world music ended this year as Michael Jackson,the enfant terible of world music passed away.Jackson left behind his fans,a music collection containing immortal classics and of course-The Moon Walk.His last days on earth were sad and lonely-hope he found peace at last.R.I.P Michael!!!

2.Nobel Man-The new American president Barack Obama won a Nobel Prize for peace.Whether it is deserved or undeserved is arguable.But it did provide Bloggers and the common man with a lot of wisecracks.The author feels that giving Obama the nobel for peace is taking it a little bit too far.

3.The fall and fall of Communism in Bengal-After ruling the state for more than 30 years,Communism seems to be on the wane as the Left Front lost in election after election this year.Besides elections they also lost important and veteran leaders which did not help their cause either.Whether they manage to remain in the government,time will tell.

4.A world of Recession-This year the world was hit by an economic recession which took it's toll on the entire world.People lost jobs everywhere,but mainly the capitalist countries took the biggest blow.Besides the engineering students.

5.KKR=Khan's Knight Riders-The second edition of the IPL took place in South Africa and the Knight Riders one of the most high-profile teams ended last due to some juvenile ego problems among the team's top brass.But they did knock out Rajasthan Royals.Damn,that felt good.

6.In a new Avatar-James Cameron challenged the way movies were made and came up with Avatar,an incredible visual experience.Adding Avatar to an already impressive resume containing The Terminator movies and The Titanic Cameron assured his status as one of the greats.

7.It's Real,Barca!!!-The Spanish football lovers had a wonderful time last year.One of their major clubs Real Madrid assembled a dream team which took the fans down the memory lane to the original Galacticos.While another of their big two-Barcelona won 6 trophies in one year.On a high,Espana!!!

8.It's in the blood?-Ranbir Kapoor became the latest superstar of Bollywood.Nowadays,all the lead stars of Bollywood barring a couple like Shah Rukh and John Abraham has had someone in the business before them.It's like a family business now.Maybe they should name them Familywood!!

9.The New Elvis?-Rapper Eminem broke his four year hiatus and returned to mainstream music with his latest album Relapse,adding fuel to the already raging debate if he is the Elvis Presley of rap.The author feels that Eminem has done enough to deserve this comparison.

10.And as for me-As far as I am concerned,I did Ok i guess.Could have done better,but hey!!I am not complaining.Have a Happy New Year everyone!!!

Special Mention:
Patrick Swazye,the American actor,passed away.
Robert Enke,the German goalkeeper,passed away.
Paul Samuelson,American Economist and nobel laureate.

Slumdog Millionaire won 8 oscars reducing the Academy Awards to a mockery.


Samadrita said...

I like no 8 best.'Familywood' it should be.
Down with the Nobel committee and the leftists..but hey you forgot Ramakrishnan.
Patrick Swayze's death did come as a surprise and MJ's left us heart-broken and grieving.RIP both of you :)

eddie said...

"its in the blood" was the best....:D nice simple write up.. good work.:)

NesQuarX said...

You forgot to add another major event... The Earth did yet another round of the Sun without spontaneously exploding from our sins :D