Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Still...We Are Friends

I might appear to you quite rude
Actually I am obsessed with solitude
People are complicated sensitive beings
If I talk,I might end up hurtin' feelings
And I can do without your tears
Making you cry-my biggest fear
You're not to blame-It's my fault
I am just an imbecile dimwitted dolt
That's why I stay away from you all
Dont respond to any of your calls
Make some excuse,get out of town
Am really tired of playing the clown

See I possess this 'Holier than thou' attitude
That justifiably pisses off all the other dudes
They make me out to be a villain
All bragging and talking,no feelings
I admit to all that.but please spare a minute
Lemme tell you my side of the story-what's in it.
See I am just a weary guy cynical of the world
Seen so much,I hardly feel twenty years old
But I dont want to keep wallowing in self -pity
After a time,I can tell you-this stuff ain't pretty
So what I do is keep trying to mask this all up.
Maybe be the centre of the storm in a tea-cup
That way I can come out,all my guns blazing
No tiredness,nothing-just acting plain crazy
But Nuff' said!!!II am tired of talking
The walls of nonchalance are cracking
Next time I see you maybe I will smile
Make small talk,like normal guys-keep a low proflie.
Maybe we will sit down have coffee and chat
You can tell me,how I have gotten grumpy and fat
And I will tell all the stupid poor jokes I know
Then talk about this and that,just go with the flow.

We laugh together,we cry together
Sometimes we fight,but we love each other.
That's why they say friends are forever.

Yep...I love you all...


eddie said...

Life sucks dude. But take the other side of it, where you'll find friends & their friendships. this certainly makes life more enjoyable... :)

Soumya said...

No matter how rude u appear, how well u 'get out of town', how grumpy,crazy you get....we friends will always be with u...really friends are forever!!

NesQuarX said...

Friends are a weird specie. Well put.

Samadrita said...

Angsty Anish as usual.
And btw I'm sure you like to make small talk as well.In fact all of us do.Loneliness is a terrible disease my friend. :P