Thursday, November 25, 2010

No Going Back

Say no to drugs and wannabe gangsta thugs
The night may be young but what’s that to me?
Elvis has left the building quite some time back
And you are still waiting-aww dude don’t you see?
The show’s over-party’s ended-go home and sleep
The jokes are old-the food’s cold-girl you can weep
Ain’t no going back now-things changed forever
You dont have a clue do ya?am trying to be clever
Universal admiration I ain’t gonna get homie
Won’t understand me,unless you really know me
But this ain’t about me-that ship has already sailed
This is about the people I know-people I have failed
I just wanted to say-I know-I really let you down
But that’s me-never the hero-always the clown
So I hope you forgive me-coz I really love ya all.
Hope ya take it in your stride-the rise and the fall.


eddie said...

Must say a Nice one. But not amongst your best. Still a good display.

Samadrita said...

You can totally make a career out of writing rap lyrics. And I realize I said this before. :| Is Eminem hiring interns? :P