Friday, January 21, 2011


Fernandez was a guitarist
Fernandez was a jolly lad.
Fernandez lived an easy life
Satisfied with what he had.

Fernandez liked simple things
Fernandez didn’t like to fight.
Fernandez liked staying home
Than going out late at night.

Fernandez was dutiful
Fernandez never shied away
Fernandez always gave his all
“A  darn good fella”  as they say

Well  everything was going fun till one day...

One day...

Fernandez fell in love.

Now Fernandez does all the things he’d usually never do.
It’s almost like a different Fernandez-not the one we knew.

His friends got annoyed with him and his guitar got ignored.
It seems a long long time ago that he played the last chord.

I told you this tale to show how Fernandez got destroyed
You can see love destroyed him-you don’t have to be Freud.

So all you merry fine young men-all you jolly jolly lads.
Try and stay away from love-be sensible,don’t be mad.


mrinal dutta said...

fantastic!!specially the last few lines!

Samadrita said...

ROFL excellent. I read this twice already......just because of the wonderful rhyme!

Dibakar Sarkar said...

Thanks for the sharing!

Please go to and vote for your friend

Ankit said...

ufffff...the last stanza is fab. :)

bruce said...

:-D.nice one:-D.but still i can say tht luv is sumthing frm which u can't try to run to fall in luv isnt pre planned,it just happens.(as in the case of fernandes).and u can't stop tht. wht to say abut tht?i love ur poem coz it bounds viewer to think:-)

eddie said...

amazing dude.... :)

Santanu said...

Amazing amazing amazing.....