Friday, February 04, 2011

The Greatest Performer

Come gather round him everyone
Saints and sinners,
Losers and winners,
Sisters and brothers,
Forget all others.

Come gather round him folks
Highwaymen and sailors,
Prisoners and jailors,
Noblmen and commoners,
Forget all others.

Come gather round him people
Spies undercover,
Newlywed lovers,
Scholars really clever,
Forget all others.

For you’re gonna see tricks that will make your heart stop
You’re gonna see wonders that will make your jaw drop.
His tricks will leave you gaping,his act will blow your mind
An evergreen showman like him-You know you’ll never  find

Harun Al Rashid-Boghdad-er khalifa,juggler-er badshah
(the Caliph of Baghdad,the Badshah of jugglers)

P.S-This post is a tribute to the character Harun Al Rashid from the timeless Phatik Chand-a novel by Satyajit Ray,one of the greatest cultural personalities of the world ever.


mrinal dutta said...


Samadrita said...

:) Loved it. Haven't read Phatik Chand but Satyajit Ray is surely one of the most talented cultural people of the world indeed.

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

This one is really good

Supratim_Witherwings said...

"Come Cama Come Come.....Haroon al-Rashid i wonder......"
Could not recall but these few words...... :)

Anonymous said...

thanks a ton people for those kind words.Much appreciated. :)