Sunday, February 13, 2011


Superman Superman
High in the sky above the skyscrapers.
Looking like a costume-clad Don Draper.
Saving the earth daily and Lois Lane too
Superman-all of us down here love you.

Superman Superman
Batman’s awesome but he can’t inspire
The way you do-we can only admire
The way you fight for us-billions of strangers
Putting yourself through a thousand dangers

Superman Superman
You don’t need to be brooding or dark
You don’t need to growl or bark
You do your stuff with a smile on your face
Up,up and away-in your red and blue dress

Superman Superman
He has a crush on the beautiful Ms Lane
His best pal is the young Jimmy Olsen
Lex Luthor may try in a thousand ways
But Superman thwarts his plans always

Superman Superman
Ages go by and people grow old
Philosophies change,hearts grow cold
But look up at the sky whenever you can
That’s not a bird or a plane-that’s Superman.

Disclaimer-This is just a tribute to one of my favourite superheroes and my first childhood hero-Superman.I don't own any of the mentioned characters.This is just a fanboy expressing his love.


Zeon said...

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mrinal dutta said...

daarun hoeche bhai!!

Santanu said...

Superman Superman you are awesome Superman... Really nice.. simple and sincere. My 1st ever childhood superhero was and always will be Aronyo Deb, thanks to Anandabazar Patrika. But as I grew up I met Supes, and man was I floored! Then I met The Bat and a little later Spidey. Batman seemed to me to be an urban version of Aronyo Deb but with Spidey I met my buddy, my own alter ego as if.
But Superman is, was and always will be Super, man.

Samadrita said...

Finally you've written such a fitting tribute for Superman. :D loved it.

Anonymous said...

thanks a bunch everyone!