Thursday, August 18, 2011

This Ol' Town

The old man has lost his glasses
The little boy’s scared of a clown
The young man lost a friend  tonight.
And the sheriff-he’s lost this town.

The night is oh so very black.
Clouds hide the stars & the moon
The scared little boy’s now happy.
His father has bought him a balloon.

A thug comes out of the shadows
His hands clasp a shiny metal.
A shot rings out through the night.
The old man-he cries out and falls.

The sheriff has his head in his hands.
He’s watched his beloved town fall
He’s watched them take over the city
And there is no one he can call.

The young man shivers-it’s cold
He’s walking these streets alone
His friend went to join the army
Young lad never came back home

This town has come alive tonight
It’s like an autocrat on crack.
It’s twisted like a psychopath’s mind.
Can we ever take this ol’ town back?


Soumya said...'s better to stay silent. What will I comment? awesome, byapok..well they r quite obvious by now..I have nothing to say and let my silence do the talking.

Samadrita said...

Dark, abysmal but beautiful in its own depressing way. Write more often.

dJ said...
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Deepak Hariharan said...

Like :)

eddie said...

worth a read! nicely written.. :)