Monday, March 23, 2009

The Common Man

Before I begin this post,let me tell you 1 thing.My previous posts have been somewhat frivolous in nature,attempted tongue-in-cheek perspective of things.Let me tell you in this post there isn’t going to be any jokes or humour-because this topic is the one very close to my heart.

Yesterday I watched a movie called “A Wednesday” where a common man fed-up with the hopelessness of things around him,decides to take things into his own hands and gives the terrorists who have ended countless lives a fitting reply.During the climax of the movie he refers to himself as the “stupid common man”.This movie touched me a lot and got me thinking about the common man.

Firstly who is a common man??Practically anybody Irrespective of caste,creed,nation,religion,states, financial status.The common man is the most abundant creature on this earth.Each and everyone of us is a common man.Just another face in the huge and vast crowd.

That wasn’t a very convincing definition of a common man-isnt that right??Let me think…let me think…

Oh wait.How about this one??

A common man is the most exploited class of the society.He depends on everybody….and he is afraid of everybody….he depends on his employers for his livelihood….and they exploit him…even when he knows he is right…he cant fight back…because he cant afford to….he has a family back home…

When some political hotshot wrongs him,he cant fight back…but accepts it as a part of life….because he cant fight back…his life would be hell….he cant go to the cops…because he knows they are allied with the political leaders….his life would be hell….

The banks exploit him….they charge absurd interests on his loans….and he better pay up…or else the bank’s pet goons are gonna make life hard for him…..

Even education is not cheap….if he cant cough up the dough….his children can do without education….

The recession begins….and they are the ones worst affected by it…even those who escaped the cut…they are afraid that it may be their turn next…

The common man…what a strange race of people….with such a lot of threats they should be worried and depressed…yet look at them…..

They aren’t afraid…..they are happy with what they have….with so many forces crushing them down…they would have been dead and buried by now….yet look at them….they are still going strong….stronger than ever…..and they wont give up…

They are the ones who engineered every revolution in the past…when the tyranny became unbearable they are the ones who rose in arms….and restored order by using chaos…..

We are living in the worst possible times….when humanity has reached the lowest point….when struggle for existence is the main priority of life….

Yet the common man is not worried…Because he knows…however tough the going gets….he will be back…he always is….and he will bring judgement…..the stupid,ordinary,struggling,afraid,ever-smiling common man…..


Samadrita said...
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kalyan.. said...

1.hmm, better.

2.subject was very common. so you need to sharpen the point u are trying to present.

3.i am no one to judge.

4.i'll tell you what. try removing the '...'s from the whole post and see to it that the feel still remains . '...' is not a sign of very good literature.

5.i kind of liked the article. impulsive blogging is not a very good idea though. one wants to hear bad things about himself,obviously. but then, constructive criticism always existed.

7.try working a little more on the idea , sharpen it. that works better than playing with words. your readers.divide them into categories and write alternating posts for different groups. it induces versatility in you and keeps them happy too.

9.again, i am no one to judge.

Samadrita said...

I like the subject matter...keep up the good work!And aar ekta kotha humor dhokaleo post-e ja bolte chaichhis shei msgta kokhonoi neglected hobena.So humor rakhleo ekta post tar seriousness lose korbe na. :)

Nightwing said...

thanks for the comments people...