Thursday, March 19, 2009

What is love?

Warning:The following topic is has been rated R for graphic boredom and severe head-aches.

Well,firstly let me make it clear.I am not a romantic or sensitive person.I don’t read romantic novels and sigh…or watch romantic films and cry.Now before you people,who are romantic start hurling abuses at me-let me tell you I don’t think that being romantic is wrong or anything.I am not the type..that’s just it.That is the reason I am writing this…whatever it is I am writing.I want to understand what love is.

For finding out I conducted a survey among various people from various paths of life.Here are the results:

Kalyan,my friend who studies in IIT Kharagpur said “Love is an obsession you have with a pretty girl…who has rejected you…and it lasts until you meet the next pretty girl.So basically true love doesn’t exist.”Maybe this is the point of view of a single guy.

Rudraneel the actor said “Kabiguru (!!!!) Nachiketa has said-bhalobasha mane pituitary-r khela…amra bokara boli prem(love is the game of our pituitary glands..we fools call it romance).”That’s right,go ahead-blame it on the hormones…..

Sumit ,another friend,says “love is all about sacrifices….”wow…that must mean it hurts a lot…so if such a lot of people fall in love all the time…they must be damn stupid….or maschoists….

Rahul,yet another friend,says “love isn’t about sacrifices-its about keeping that special someone happy….”yeah right.i wonder if he will love his girlfriend if she dumps him and finds happiness with another boy…

Surinder Sahni thinks love is about seeing god in someone…

So this survey shows that people have varied ideas on what love is….and rather than providing me with an answer it confused me even further….to get a clearer picture I took the help of movies and watched some romantic movies over the next few days.

I didn’t get any answer but I did develop an aversion towards any sort of romantic movies or novels or songs for some time after that.To help me relax I started playing Fifa and Cricket 08.Man,these games just seem to get better….you can sit with them for hours at a stretch…and yet never get bored…I just love these games….

Hang on-what did I say??I just love these-


I have got my answer.I now know what love is.Here’s my definition of love-

Love is something which gives you happiness and enjoyment.When you love something or someone you never get bored of that person….or thing.I love games and comics.My friend swarnali loves chocolates…this is what love is….ha ha ha….



Nightwing said...
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kalyan.. said...


2.chetan bhagat has ruined all our literature,anyway. the thing is it's not a pretty girl to pretty girl ... but a "sexy" girl to "sexy" girl.

4.ur definition is cool.

5.mavericks is a better name. because no thought is random.

6.thanks for "qouting" me.nice strategy for a comment , must say.

7. no, i am not writing my own blog here.

8. waiting for the next post,and hope it comes before i stop reading blogs too.

neelanjana said...

well i quite "loved" this blog on LOVE........good one

Samadrita said...

Love is probably the only word in the english dictionary that can be defined in more ways than one.And your definition is quite an original one.