Saturday, July 11, 2009

An Idle Brain

Just passing time having nothing else to do-
1.People call me a schizophreniac.So that they can send me to an asylum and usurp my billion dollar fortune.
2.Crime never pays-But crime movies make a helluva lot of money.
3.Perseverence pays… the time you reach 65!!!
4.Honesty is the best policy…..And I am King Henry VIII...
5.Homosexuality is God’s strategy to counter excess population.
6.Q-”What’s in a name?”-Shakespeare.
A-You would understand if you lived in the 21st century Kolkata and your name was Nemai Chandra Bhadro.
7. NO ONE understands modern art.
8.EVERY ONE understands modern art.
9.People are narcissistic by default.
10.No matter what,in 100 years you will be dead.


Soumya said...

good one...another one of your great writings...its samll but to me it carries a lot of sense and reality...!! Even the crudest truths plays within the idle brain(eta amar didir thoughts)

Samadrita said...

'Homosexuality is God’s strategy to counter excess population.'
Did you make all this up by yourself?Or you found them somewhere?
Funny n witty as usual.Keep 'em coming. :)

Anonymous said...

no..these are all original...thanx...

NesQuarX said...

100 years? Tcheh... that's a blink in the cosmic scale.

Good observations btw... very keen :P

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

Gud...very practical