Thursday, July 23, 2009

Plagiarism In Bollywood

Well I was getting bored sitting idly doing nothing.So I decided to make a list of Bollywood movies that copied from hollywood movies just to pass time.This is what I got.I am still reeling,

hum tum--- when harry met sally

sarkar--- the godfather(how dare to compare marlon brando and al pacino with the bacchans)

hey babyy-- 3 men and a little lady

partner-- hitch

kyon ki..---- one flew over the cuckoo's nest

chak de india-- a league of their own/miracle

ek ajnabee-- man on fire (fully copied)

kayamat-- the rock

dhoom-- fast and furious,ocean's 11

speed-- cellular

murder-- unfaithful

the train-- derailed

akele hum akele tum---kramer vs kramer

maan---an affair to remember

chori chori chupke chupke-- pretty woman

meri yaar ki shaadi hain-- my best frnds wedding



Kaante-Reservoir Dogs

Mujhse shadi karogi-meet the parents and anger management

Chocolate-the usual suspects

Musafir- U-turn


Dhamaal-Rat Racxe/Johnny English/Road Trip

God tussi great ho-Bruce almighty

Kyunki main jhoot nehi bolta-Liar Liar

Aitraaz – Disclosure

Baadshah - Nick of Time, Teen Agent, Rush Hour

Baazigar - A Kiss From Dying

Black - The Miracle Worker

Chachi 420 - Mrs. Doubtfire

Dostana - I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Judwaa - Twin Dragons

Koi Mil Gaya - E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Munna Bhai MBBS - Patch Adams

Raaz - What Lies Beneath

Zeher - Out of Time


Dil hai ki manta nahin-it happened one night

Jo jeeta wohi sikander-breaking away

Chamatkar-blackbeard’s ghost

Rangeela- Win a Date with Tadf Hamilton

Ghulam-on the waterfront

Sangharsh-silence of the lambs

Dhai akshar prem ke-walking in the clouds

Kahin pyar na ho jaaye-the wedding singer

Humraaz-a perfect murder

Kuchh to hai-I know what you did last summer

Bunty aur babli-bonnie and clyde

Deewane huye pagal-there’s something about mary

Rang de basanti-all my sons /jesus montreal

I see you-just like heaven

The killer-collateral



Bheja fry-diner de cons

Salaam-e-ishq-love actually

U me aur hum-the notebook

Race-goodbye lover

Shaurya-a few good men

Dasvidaniya-Bucket list

That covers a lot.I cant go any longer.Next I heard they are making a remake of the prestige,and a remake of forrest gump.If the actor with the maximum number of plagiarised movies in the list is Aamir Khan considered Indiawide as one of the greatest actors of the country,you know there is a big problem with creativity.Respect originality.Not some rip-off.For these movies are nothing more than that.Gotcha!!


adidas said...

awesome dude.why u've skipped d plagiarism in bollywood music??the plagiarism part was cool though i'm sure dere r many more-wat a pity.

Samadrita said...

That's a pretty long list.What a total shame!And hey since defending Aamir Khan is kind of like my moral duty I'd say it's not his fault that he had been acting in most of the plagiarized movies.Blame the producer,director,script and screenplay-writer will you?

eddie said...

gud 1 maan.....

NesQuarX said...

B = popular Bollywood movies/songs
F = popular Foreign movies/songs
R = Is inspired/lifted/copied/cloned from

∀ b∈B ∃ f∈F : bRf

Please forgive me for being a geek. But I couldn't resist it :P

Quintessence Of Illusion said... nice

shambo said...

Why am i not surprised??? But quite an unusual list of movies-as in some of the movies are long forgotten,never thought such pathetic movies could also be some kinda rip-off(s).... Hope the originals were far better)(not that i want to see them)...lolz...

Soumya said...

Its horrible...Its a known fact that Bollywood has a tendency to copy(get influenced, rather, as the professional term goes... :P) from the Hollywood. But I never thought that the plagiarism in Bollywood is to this extent!! N now, I'm sure this list is much bigger and will continue to get bigger...!!

Atindriyo said...

Koi Mil Gaya - E.T. - (Bonkubabur Bondhu(Satyajit Ray)- the script that didn't materialise)
Interesting chain, huh?

Anonymous said...

yeah...very interesting...not to mention shocking...

Smoke, weed, novels and maths said...

very Nice..... (Borat style)
though I have watched both the hindi and english versions of most, all of them together in such a list is hilarious

awesome post