Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hang on,hang on boy
I cant seem to hang on
My grip seems to be loosening
My muscles are on fire
Screaming to me to give in
Would be so easy to give in
Let go of everything
Oh Blissful Oblivion
Rest me in your lap
I am tired and want to sleep
The night is peaceful
Suddenly a demon appears
His face is a silhouette
His voice is hoarse
“Don’t give up” he screams
His voice cuts like a knife
Brings me back
From my peaceful utopia
Back to this wasteland
Of shattered dreams
I tried to pretend
That the dreams were true
The utopia was real
But now I know better
The dreams are beautiful
They soothe the night
But they are not mine
The nightmares hurt
But they are my real friends
They help me remember
The mistakes I made.


Samadrita said...

Ah weird but nightmares are all I ever have while catching some shuteye.Pleasant dreams always elude me for some uncanny reason.
Anyway nice work there!:)

Soumya said...

very good writing....well executed..but hey, it's not fair, it was my idea :P , not fully but to some extent!!

But you know, I'm still happy, bcoz my idea didn't go to waste. I couldn't executed this idea in such a fantastic manner. Its not that I tried writing myself!!

The expression was fantastic and I know how it feels when you actually see a nightmare...more thrilling and daring than any ghost movie, I know how does it feel when you wake up from a nightmare..!!..I miss them a lot, bcoz they only cum in drmz, a thrilling movie free of cost!! :P

Atindriyo said...

Good one. Write on. Much Love