Monday, September 21, 2009

The Last Period

I was going through a diary which I used to write in when I was in 12.I found this-I am posting this here…it’s not very good,but hey!!when is it ever??

The last period is going on.

The drone of the teacher’s voice

Is threatening to put me to sleep.

Keeping my eyes open is slowly

Becoming a Herculean task.

But there is a problem-

If I close my eyes and fall to sleep

The teacher might catch me

And throw me out of the class’(Embarrassing that!!)

Or no one may notice me

And go away leaving me

Locked in this classroom(Scary that!!)

So my friends-

No matter what happens you see

I have to keep my eyes open.


Anonymous said...

I know it sucks....but thought would put this up just for old times' sake....

Samadrita said...

My my you actually wrote this down when in class? :P :P
Good thing you did....since we're getting to read this after all these years and having a hearty laugh. :P

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

Reminds me of ma school days........infact even nou in collge i feel d same ven v av labs n d aftanoon........newaz thnx fr makin me feel nostalgic