Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Implosion Explosion

I kinda have anger issues-often find myself imploding
The anger builds up and I have difficulties unloading
But now fuck it-am gonna soften things down no more
If roses are red,violets are blue-too bad fuck you whore
And I hope you won’t take it personally fellas and ladies
That ain’t for you-it’s for the enemy of the Slim Shadys
Coz I got a beef with people who dare to fuck with The King
I wanna fuck them up like the former wives of Charlie Sheen
These gals really think they can ape Elvis and get away?
Hah! CRon has a better chance of turning out to be gay
And people are too touchy these days-easily offended
But doesn’t mean I’ma stop now-this war hasn’t ended.
Am tired of being polite-what’s the point of it anyway?
Gonna get buried all the same-at the end of the day
So I’ll be bringing the house down-as long as I feel tough
Tonight after a long time-Nightwing’ll hafta play it rough
Am taking the leap of faith into the fire under the frying pan
Tonight I am Clint Eastwood-Blondie meets Harry Calahan
And I don't care if no one else reads this goddamn crap
When I gotta diss and bash-I am gonna always try to rap


Ankit said...
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Quintessence Of Illusion said...

puro eminem eminem lagche...though i liked it...

Ankit said...

Although i've got severe ego issues with rap, i found dis one fucking good..

Anonymous said...

@QOI-haha..that's the greatest compliment an Eminem fanboy can are too kind :)

Anonymous said...

@ankit-thanks a lot mate...made my day!!!

Samadrita said...

Well you should consider a career made out of composing rap songs. You excel at it. And I really mean it. :)

mrinal said...

baah darun hoeche!!!

Anonymous said...

@Samadrita-that's a huge compliment...thank you so much...

Anonymous said...

mrinal-thank you boss!!!glad you liked it!!

atindriyo said...

go for it, dude! kill'em!

eminem noy, eminem noy, shakkhat Tupac Shakur, Thhakur!