Saturday, August 07, 2010

Yours Sincerely

Dear Princess

It’s been years since we last met-
And I was just wondering how you’ve been.
I hope you are doing fine-
I read about your engagement the other day
I wanted to congratulate you but
I couldn’t make it-Even if I could-
I knew I wouldn’t be welcome.

I had a lot of dreams for you-
I wanted to be a part of your life
I wanted to see my little girl grow up
But Fate had other plans
I know I haven’t been the best father
I could’ve been
I know my faults aren’t easy to forgive
I know I abandoned you when you needed me
I was too brash and too ambitious
I chose career over family
But trust me princess-
I always loved you-you and your mother
I always missed you-
But your mother and I-we were young
We were stubborn
We let our egos decide right and wrong
Our eyes were blinded by pride
We couldn’t see our conceit
Tearing us all apart.
And as I sit alone in this deserted palace
Furnished with expensive belongings
To cover the hollowness of this farcical existence
I couldn’t help but wonder what could’ve been
If we would have been together.

And I am not writing to you
Hoping you’d forgive me
For the years of negligence
For all the times I wasn’t there
When you needed a shoulder to cry on
I don’t expect you to forgive me
For not being there in your joys and tears
I just hope you will remember our mistakes
In the new life you’re about to begin
It hurts a father to say this-
But I hope you won’t follow in my footsteps
I guess that’s all I can say now-
Wishing you all the happiness in the world-

Yours sincerely-Dad.


Samadrita said...

What a moving piece of poetry. Words left unsaid...from an unfortunate father to his beloved daughter.
One of your very best!

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for those kind words!!!much appreciated!! :)

Ananya said...

Hats off...I really haven't read anything this mature from anyone of our age lately.

Ankit said...

to read between the lines is to engulf in the awe of this awesome poetry...mindblowing birthday boy.

Anonymous said...

@ananya-that's some compliment!!!thank you so much!!! :)

Anonymous said...

@ankit-thank you thank you!!am so glad you like it!!!

eddie said...

at the end of the day the father did change.... did change from an arrogant person to a caring father, when he suggests her princess not to follow his footsteps.... this made the post more unique.... truely dude... privileged ....:)

Anonymous said...

@eddie-I am humbled by your compliment..thank you so much!!!

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

i so loved it....such an emotional piece of have captured each and every emotion so well......

Anonymous said...

@QOI-thank you so much..your opinions always mean so much!!! :)