Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Uninspired Ramblings

I am not a bright kid-so think you can forgive me?
If I ain’t so cool tonight-think you’ll still love me?
I wanna be a smartass,pal-but I’ve had a hard day
A while back I even put my ego for sale on Ebay.
Tonight,brother-I envy the drunks and Superman
They aren’t bound by the shackles of life like I am
Wish we could just sit and chat like Kate and Leopold
I am afraid of the passing days-aware I’m growing old
My insecurities might prove stronger than my barrier
My wall of silence might succumb to my worst fears
Let’s forget all these sad thoughts-spread a little joy
You can be my Marilyn Monroe I will be Johnny Boy

So now that we got that settled-

Everybody have a seat coz am gonna let it rip
Nowadays my mind fails-inspiration rarely clicks
So who knows how long ‘tis ‘fore I end this gig
The end is near coz anyday now imagination R.I.P.


Samadrita said...

A while back I even put my ego for sale on Ebay.
This one line hit hard the most I suppose.
A typical rap composition. :)

Pulkit said...

Nice poem ! You're really good at playing with words and making the lines rhyme in the most natural way !

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

you are a rapper whose words make sense.....this one is too deep to be a rap song...good one

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot people..your compliments make my day :)